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2018-07-22 07:29:34 UTC  

@Daniebees started with $100 and sitting now on $1100 after 4 months.

2018-07-22 07:32:19 UTC  

I trade on Poloniex

2018-07-22 07:33:30 UTC  

and use altpocket to track investments, profits, percentage change etc...

2018-07-22 08:27:18 UTC  

@Tjoppie That is some good trading man! well done

2018-07-22 08:30:37 UTC  

I still dont understand why Shitcoin is a thing. I understand blockchain technology but intutively Crypto seems like a ponzi scheme. Does anybody have a link to Bitcoin for dummies or something similar for me?

2018-07-22 08:30:54 UTC  

@HoppeanSnake_ZA Yes agree it will die

2018-07-22 08:31:10 UTC  

Will be about 10 left in the end

2018-07-22 08:32:11 UTC  

I dont know I got very apprehensive about it when normies started losing their minds about it.

2018-07-22 08:43:40 UTC  

The markets have been slow and really down the last few months. And people loosing money, because people they put in money at the wrong time. Wait till the market is at its lowest for what you can see on the chart then cash in with some indicators that it should go up long term or short term.

2018-07-22 08:44:43 UTC  

@Tjoppie leverage trading is way to go man

2018-07-22 08:45:32 UTC  

I work on Moving Averages, Fibonacci in mid-short term. and most of the time with success.. I also take losses...

2018-07-22 08:45:52 UTC  

RSI good indicator for day trading

2018-07-22 08:46:07 UTC  

Yeah most def.

2018-07-22 11:20:18 UTC  
2018-07-25 11:31:17 UTC  

ek het al gedink tech analysis kan basies enigiets wees solank jy net consistent bly in you methods en risk manage.

2018-07-25 11:33:09 UTC  

danie, waat gaan aan? ek hoor mense dump nou alt coins vir btc oor die nuwe etf storie?

2018-07-25 11:33:25 UTC  

wonder of ons 'n massive rally gaan sien weer...

2018-07-25 11:33:49 UTC  

oops i should probably speak english here...

2018-07-25 13:18:43 UTC  

If you guys are interested in Crypto stuff join my discord channel lot of friendly traders that will help you

2018-07-25 13:18:46 UTC  
2018-07-26 20:52:50 UTC  
2018-07-27 11:02:49 UTC  

Get your bitmex accounts ready almost time to long at x10

2018-07-27 11:02:49 UTC  

Ditsem! @Daniebees, you just advanced to level 6!

2018-07-27 11:39:39 UTC  

wanneer gan jy long? maandag?

2018-07-27 11:39:45 UTC  

of op 7800

2018-07-27 13:27:45 UTC  

ek gaan long op 7500

2018-07-27 13:27:56 UTC  

yes ek dink Maandag

2018-07-27 13:28:34 UTC  

this is why I love Trump he appoints people that wants to make Bitcoin great again

2018-07-27 19:08:03 UTC  

hoop nie die is die begin van die rally nie

2018-07-30 15:48:43 UTC  

With @Daniebees and the other guy from I think NZ I had a good talk here about Bitcoin.

I think I understand it better now and would appreciate correcting my understanding below:

Bitcoin is a type of IP, which can't be copied. Each coin is unique. The coins are generated using an algorism. Each time a coin is generated it takes more computer power to generate the new coin. There is a limit to the amount of coins that can be generated. People value it because of its underlying technology blockchain, which make peer-to-peer transactions possible thus avoiding 3rd parties that can take money from you. The value of the coin depends supply and demand.

2018-07-30 16:51:38 UTC  

The Blockchain system can be used apart from Bitcoin to make transactions between two people using any commodity. I am more at ease with this idea. See:

2018-07-30 18:08:18 UTC  

nice drop back to 7800

2018-07-30 20:08:57 UTC  

but i'm still not long

2018-07-31 06:49:49 UTC  

Ripple Long Term => 800 -1200 %, Stellar Long Term => 400%

2018-07-31 06:57:45 UTC

2018-07-31 08:24:00 UTC  

Added an extra 10k today into ripple and stellar. Holding long term. No more short term trades on them. Good luck everyone...

2018-07-31 11:09:30 UTC  

Lots of alts on sale today...