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2018-07-30 16:51:38 UTC  

The Blockchain system can be used apart from Bitcoin to make transactions between two people using any commodity. I am more at ease with this idea. See:

2018-07-30 18:08:18 UTC  

nice drop back to 7800

2018-07-30 20:08:57 UTC  

but i'm still not long

2018-07-31 06:49:49 UTC  

Ripple Long Term => 800 -1200 %, Stellar Long Term => 400%

2018-07-31 06:57:45 UTC

2018-07-31 08:24:00 UTC  

Added an extra 10k today into ripple and stellar. Holding long term. No more short term trades on them. Good luck everyone...

2018-07-31 11:09:30 UTC  

Lots of alts on sale today...

2018-07-31 16:07:19 UTC  

Wouldnt touch ALTs for another month

2018-07-31 16:46:59 UTC  

quite risky atm yes, seems to dump whether bitcoin goes up or down, btc sideways also not fuelling alts as previously

2018-07-31 16:47:18 UTC  

can change quickly though

2018-07-31 16:49:30 UTC  

Holding thumbs

2018-08-01 08:38:10 UTC  

XRP very nice.. made 11% profit since yesterday... and is still growing... 20% short term.... holding thumbs...

2018-08-02 12:45:09 UTC  

Tjoppie did you at least lock in some profits on that pump before it dumped?

2018-08-02 15:28:19 UTC  


2018-08-02 15:28:19 UTC  

Ditsem! @Tjoppie, you just advanced to level 6!

2018-08-02 15:28:56 UTC  

Not much but at least something.

2018-08-02 15:31:42 UTC  


2018-08-03 13:45:03 UTC  

Bitconnect is bae

2018-08-03 14:36:35 UTC  


2018-08-06 19:18:10 UTC  
2018-08-06 19:36:52 UTC  

Yeah I don't really agree with Schiff. He says Gold has value but Bitcoin (or any other digital asset) does not because the scarcity is artificial. It doesn't matter that it's artificial. What makes crypto better than gold is that it can be a store of value AND is fungible AND everything else the blockchain (or other DLTs) is useful for. Gold is not fungible at all and has nothing else going for it but being a store of value. He is a good speaker but he's spoken a lot of kak in the past, too, about stocks and forex. The crypto crowd there is just a lame bunch.

2018-08-06 19:44:48 UTC  

Bitcoin is only the flagship crypto and by no means is it perfect; something better will come along. (Actually is here already but I don't want to start a altcoin shilling war).

2018-08-06 19:44:55 UTC  


2018-08-06 19:48:15 UTC  

PSchiff is heavily invested in Gold/Silver, btw.

2018-08-07 12:25:31 UTC  

Crypto hype is a zeal without knowledge.

Blockchain = baby
Crypto = bathwater Ponzi scheme

Money = scarce physical commodity like gold
Crypto = fake scarce intellectuall thing

2018-08-07 12:51:50 UTC  

hype is hype regardless of underlying asset.
Bitcoin is terribly flawed but it set in motion an idea that can never be extinguished.

2018-08-08 05:59:14 UTC  

Hope people listened to my altcoin warning

2018-08-08 05:59:14 UTC  

Ditsem! @CarlSagan, you just advanced to level 1!

2018-08-08 06:20:16 UTC  

Jip just in time...

2018-08-12 18:23:13 UTC  

Jis crypto Frikkies!

Net nou die dag toe gons internet van die "Triple Bottom".

Is ons nou in 'n "Quadruple Bottom"? 😂

2018-08-12 18:32:22 UTC  

2de bottom was fake 😂

2018-08-12 20:07:53 UTC  


@Daniebees is our local crypto guru.

2018-08-12 20:54:29 UTC  

Just set up my wallet, still figuring this out. If anyone would like to help me test, send me something 😃 38MJFaQsiXv3Du9G1eJJ11kWuqSBVPcRBM

Hopefully am doing this right, still a complete newbie to this stuff.

2018-08-12 21:02:49 UTC  

How do people usually get donations via bitcoin by the way? Just link the address or some sort of url link?

2018-08-12 21:05:40 UTC  

just the address. they can use what ever means they want to make the donation.

2018-08-12 21:23:51 UTC