Message from Graeme the Guerrilla in Willem Petzer Live Chat #twitter

2018-07-23 18:40:05 UTC  

So ontspan kêrels, die Nederlanders het nie hulle varkies verloor nie 🙃

2018-07-23 19:51:46 UTC  

off with their heads!

2018-07-24 09:53:33 UTC  

Good one, @Rendier

2018-07-24 13:09:53 UTC  

Yeah fun under communism. If you google Shopping ques in Communist countries 1980s you get this.

2018-07-24 13:10:06 UTC

2018-07-24 13:10:07 UTC

2018-07-24 13:10:08 UTC

2018-07-24 13:10:38 UTC  

jerm's comic on that was classic

2018-07-24 13:11:29 UTC  

You want to add likely mass public violence in SA's context when shit gets like this because we will be Pangaing the white comrades to make the ques shorter

2018-07-24 13:12:06 UTC  

EFF's manifesto and I read it. It is Marxist

2018-07-24 13:13:39 UTC  

I was in the same matric year as julias, it makes me insane

2018-07-24 13:16:35 UTC  

Jis those pics are sad...

2018-07-24 13:17:57 UTC  

You can extend an olive branch and say we are family LOL. We have similarities. His kid like the beach and Rugby

2018-07-24 14:26:10 UTC  

Well good bye Europe and good bye USA

2018-07-24 23:24:29 UTC  

Probably a propaganda assignment for gender studies project? Or just earning his shekels.. Who knows really.

2018-07-25 11:25:29 UTC  

Twitter is purging the fuck out of their site recently. Stay safe.

2018-07-25 11:26:04 UTC  
2018-07-25 11:26:04 UTC  

Ditsem! @Malcolm the Seceder, you just advanced to level 8!

2018-07-25 11:56:19 UTC  
2018-07-25 12:01:24 UTC  

@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) Is that the video you've been working on constantly these past few days? 🤔😜

2018-07-25 12:30:18 UTC  

@Malcolm the Seceder

Ha ha, no!

My new vid is going to get messy....

2018-07-25 12:51:24 UTC  

Is that bak and teri? Klip

2018-07-25 13:12:43 UTC