Message from KoueKoffie in Willem Petzer Live Chat #twitter

2018-08-09 09:21:26 UTC  

@everyone with a Twitter account, please ReTweet

2018-08-09 09:22:10 UTC  


2018-08-09 09:22:10 UTC  

Ditsem! @Billy Chiltong, you just advanced to level 1!

2018-08-09 09:25:33 UTC  

Ek wil kak graag nog vir Ernst interview

2018-08-09 09:26:01 UTC  

Wat is jou channel SGL?

2018-08-09 09:26:09 UTC  

Ek het nog nie n channel nie

2018-08-09 09:26:16 UTC  

Ek host egter n radio program

2018-08-09 09:27:35 UTC  


2018-08-09 09:32:27 UTC  

Het RationalGent alweer 'n aktiewe twitter account? @Rational Gent

2018-08-09 09:39:44 UTC  

Nee, lang, snaakse storie hoekom hy vir 'n 2de keer geban is. Sy skuld haha @KoueKoffie

2018-08-09 09:46:14 UTC  

@Conscious Caracal Dankie vir die info...

2018-08-09 09:51:52 UTC  

The mental gymnastics of being a liberal leftist lol... Imagine how they reason and make decisions on other daily things.

2018-08-09 10:01:07 UTC  

That explains modern fashion @Sheamus

2018-08-09 10:21:26 UTC  

Ek was onlangs ge shadow ban

2018-08-09 10:22:07 UTC

2018-08-09 10:25:00 UTC  

Let wel, die tweet was 'n reply tot 'n tweet wat gesê het dat Christene erger is as muslims of iets soortgelyk

2018-08-09 10:34:32 UTC  

Social media should either have no rules regarding content or the rules should be applied to both sides equally. The simple switch (Gender Race Religion Sexuality Unibrow_vs_BiBrow) test should suffice to test the mod's own prejudices.

2018-08-09 10:34:48 UTC  

I would prefer no rules....

2018-08-09 10:48:22 UTC  
2018-08-09 11:01:13 UTC  

@Lofty who is broken ?

2018-08-09 11:25:12 UTC  

@Natz Willem's link above that

2018-08-09 11:25:36 UTC  

That link i posted is unrelated

2018-08-09 15:18:01 UTC

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2018-08-10 14:34:22 UTC  

@Jerm That sucks. I would have definitely attended,maybe the idea of audience put him off. Could work better if
both of you were on someones podcast,but who?

2018-08-10 14:35:07 UTC  

@Gonzo No, he's afraid of debating me one-on-one.