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So winter has just begun, then...

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Multiculti, feminazism

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@everyone is more than welcome to watch and just copy the following message and send to friends:

As many people know by now, South Africa has sung an anti white hate song at the World Choir games, hosted by INTERKULTUR.

After myself and many others emailed their communications manager about it at [email protected] , they did not condemn the song but endorsed it, because, in their words, "the verse containing the words 'KILL THE BOER' was not sung, only the verse about white people stealing all the land".

Please see their full statements here in this video:


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Willem if your their come join the chat.

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There not their sorry

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Wonder of hulle die slefde oor Delarey sal voel. ten teen een nie

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Ditsem! @The Burn, you just advanced to level 2!

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Thank you @Willem Petzer . I shared this on our local Whatsapp group.

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@HoppeanSnake_ZA Idiocracy, one of my favourite movies made in South Africa and based on the true story

2018-07-24 20:05:08 UTC Check out vid of a black American woman dissing Afrikaners. Go comment.

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Guys, you MUST join the PragerU movement, MUST MUST. Watch their vids, it is extremely informative.

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uncle ruckus 🤣

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@HoppeanSnake_ZA love that channel

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moet hy gaan pis?

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Ja die tannies op twitter hou nie van jou harde woorde nie @Willem Petzer

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Waarvan praat jy @theeChristopher

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eks by die werk

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waar is die voicechat?

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Van die tannies op twitter @theeChristopher

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Ja waar