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Shots Fired! I totally agree that the only way to fight other tribalistic groups that do not share your view and values is to join a tribe that does, however at the same time we should focus on ourselves and make sure that we are competent enough as individuals before we try and fix the larger problems of the world. Tribes like the radical/regressive left are full of incompetent soy-vaping individuals that are destroying the world because they did not fix themselves before the went out in the world to try and change it. By following Dr. Peterson's rules of life we can become better and more competent individuals that would ultimately function better in the world and that could also form more competent groups when needed.

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Just wanted to make this remark and share the same video.

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@Arm "The last deck of the Titanic" that is an eye opening statement he made ^

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Its still very dangerous, that's why his family fled.

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I have no doubt. Sad, very sad.

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@Arm Finished the video. His last quote describing SA was a blackpill but accurate.

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@Luister (AM) the South African military

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Have a look at this guys

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Ditsem! @Arm, you just advanced to level 7!

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All cultures are equal... 🤣

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@Arm It's horrible and real

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Super snaaks

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kak snaaks

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The good old days... Now gone with the wind... 😔