Message from Sheamus in Willem Petzer Live Chat #videos

2018-07-29 07:44:42 UTC  

I suspect the reason the west lost it's identity was when it started rejecting God's existence.

2018-07-29 10:02:39 UTC  

@Crusher i reckon you are right.

2018-07-29 13:11:46 UTC  

Spot on @Crusher

2018-07-29 15:34:01 UTC  

@Crusher here is the top level KGB agent that subverted countries with far left ideology, then defected to america giving lectures about it, he mentions in one of the lectures the only ressistance to this is christianity

2018-07-29 15:37:40 UTC  

@Arm Can never have enough recommendation to listen to Yuri, the man knows it best.

2018-07-29 18:04:58 UTC  

He's made some very good points, glad to hear someone is voicing these issues

2018-07-29 18:36:34 UTC  

wow, never seen Simon in this kind of beast mode.

2018-07-29 19:42:33 UTC  

Still weird to see that... so that is what he is like without the DA leash keeping him in check i take it.

2018-07-29 19:48:16 UTC  

Gr1m is one of us, Renaldo isnt

2018-07-29 20:00:22 UTC  

who is gr1m?

2018-07-29 20:03:29 UTC  

Yeah, just pointing out the tightness of that leash lol

2018-07-29 20:04:21 UTC  

Which is really odd considering he keeps saying that there is none.

2018-07-29 22:04:07 UTC  
2018-07-29 22:07:04 UTC  

Join the chat, @Loki3k

2018-07-29 22:07:14 UTC  

Discussing Canada

2018-07-29 22:07:37 UTC  

@Conscious Caracal im about to eat and do the next podcast on culture

2018-07-29 22:07:45 UTC  


2018-07-29 22:07:57 UTC  

wish i could though, we havnt spoken in a while

2018-07-29 22:08:27 UTC  

@Loki3k We should make a plan.

2018-07-29 22:08:51 UTC  

Some big content creators on this discord you should network with @Loki3k

2018-07-29 22:09:12 UTC  

i'll try to spend some more time in here

2018-07-29 22:09:18 UTC  

i've been away for a while

2018-07-29 22:09:23 UTC  

as have some other people

2018-07-29 22:12:08 UTC  

@Conscious Caracal just tag me when you need me, i'll respond. 😄

2018-07-30 07:17:43 UTC