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Why living in NZ sux balls;

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_scratches NZ off the list_

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10:22 :D :D :D

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@cµrvy that list is getting shorter and shorter these days.

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just another reason to break away and make our own country. Suid Kaap!

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"South Africa was a prosperous, ever-developing country while run by the Boers and the Brits. The anti-Apartheid movement began in the USA by Leftists who sucked in the useful idiots and made SA surrender eventually. Apartheid was generated in large part in response to the Mau-Mau uprising in Kenya, in which thousands of productive whites were slaughtered, sleeping in their beds, by their employees."

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That's the power of communist propaganda... Why do you think commies are so hated and even hunted down in the past? These commies are not human beings

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Great video by Computing Forever! ☝

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Thank you @Arnoldsly99

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Great vid, starting to look more like a representation of reality and less like a narrated liberal fantasy, a red pill for his audience from himself. Keen to see a proper reflection discussion on this matter and what it really means for the liberals.

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Democracy and majority rule is lekker neh

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That was difficult to watch, I have also recently emigrated to Germany, and this lady speaks the truth we might be of European decent but our roots are in RSA.

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Ditsem! @KoueKoffie, you just advanced to level 2!

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Not worth running away...

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Home is where you hang your hat. And that can be any where. Good for this woman and her family.

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@Daniel van Straaten Not sure about Dinesh