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@Daniel van Straaten Not sure about Dinesh

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"Every idea they have on the left is corrupted by a foundation in fantasy" - Mr Reagan 2018

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Soycialist Politician talking points and the shift from Socialism to Communism
Economic Justice = Redistribution of Wealth aka Communism
Social Justice = Fascism

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The "wonderful" New Soyland, the socialism is strong and is the biggest reason not to come and stay there...

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Ditsem! @Crusher, you just advanced to level 4!

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Look guys, Renaldo's a nice guy. I'm sure he pays his taxes, obeys the law, and is genuine in his desires for SA. But, lets be honest, he just doesn't get it. Whether it's complete ignorance or he doesn't want to fall out of favor with the DA, I don't know. That he so easily and nonchalantly dismisses the elephant in the room is so blatantly obvious that you'd have to be blind to ignore it. I feel horrible for the woman involved. The only good thing is that it could be used as a redpill. Just read the comments on the video. People are cathing on!

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Ditsem! @MaximusXVI, you just advanced to level 4!

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@MaximusXVI which video?

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I watched that earlier

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But hey I am so happy that we live in a free south africa now

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So this happened.

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Wow, Freddie Mercury and Lennon had a love child

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