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2018-07-18 12:15:10 UTC  

Lol I know. Our muslim loving police even tweeted a photo of a bicycle wheel they had "confiscated"πŸ˜‚

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That's when they're not busy dancing in the fag pride parades

2018-07-18 12:16:23 UTC  

"Upholding the law with interperative dance"

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2018-07-18 12:17:32 UTC  

I can already see the dance off's happening when there is antifa riots

2018-07-18 12:18:15 UTC  

"You got SERVED by the swift moves of the law"

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2018-07-18 12:18:35 UTC  

Strike a pose!

2018-07-18 12:18:56 UTC  

It's a paradox cause as a conservative one wants to support the police. But these aren't police. They don't deserve respect.

2018-07-18 12:31:01 UTC  

Lol I wonder if we'd get these nowadays...πŸ€”

2018-07-18 12:32:01 UTC  

They wont replay those videos on british tv

2018-07-18 12:34:42 UTC  

Lol I can't tell if this is real or a parody!??

2018-07-18 12:35:46 UTC  

ye I know what you mean

2018-07-18 12:39:12 UTC  

It's fine. I think white males are taking the hint and leaving the dems. Good news for us

2018-07-18 12:39:12 UTC  

Ditsem! @Malcolm the Seceder, you just advanced to level 3!

2018-07-18 12:41:57 UTC  

Does anybody follow Alex Jones?

2018-07-18 12:42:49 UTC  

Alex Jones is a fraud.

2018-07-18 12:42:57 UTC  

I did but a lot of his stuff is so overwrought that I stopped. I pop in every now and then. I actually prefer Owen Shroyer

2018-07-18 12:43:08 UTC  

@Deejay from Earth please elaborate

2018-07-18 12:43:26 UTC  

See if you can find his 9-11 crying video on youtube. It's hilarious.

2018-07-18 12:44:02 UTC  

@Malcolm the Seceder They're both awesome

2018-07-18 12:44:20 UTC  

@Deejay from Earth 9/11 was no joke

2018-07-18 12:44:35 UTC  

@Kesh I watched Alex regularly for about 8 years until he uploaded this and deleted it an hour later Alex is compromised.

2018-07-18 12:44:44 UTC  

I doubt Alex was faking it

2018-07-18 12:44:54 UTC  

Yeah I have nothing per se against Jones though I think he is kinda cooky. But one can't watch everything

2018-07-18 12:45:23 UTC  

Alex has proven to be vindicated time and time again

2018-07-18 12:46:23 UTC  

@Kesh Its worth watching that interview and then make your mind up about him

2018-07-18 12:46:23 UTC  

Ditsem! @Arm, you just advanced to level 2!

2018-07-18 12:46:24 UTC  

@Arm so what does that mean?

2018-07-18 12:46:48 UTC  

@Arm I already watched that video or interview

2018-07-18 12:47:18 UTC  

alex jones is a madman, but he is right alot of the time. cant take him serious on eveything he says

2018-07-18 12:48:29 UTC  

9-11. NO PLANES.

2018-07-18 12:48:42 UTC  

I think Alex Jones puts Israel before America.

2018-07-18 12:48:54 UTC  

@Arm did you see his other video following up with regards to the David Duke interview. I urge you to check it out

2018-07-18 12:49:00 UTC  

@The Fleeb Yeah that's my take. On pure politics he's pretty spot on but he can veer way off track and when he starts talking about other dimensions and stuff I'm just likeπŸ™„