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I understand that, just raised a concern on their statement

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In any case, a weak policeforce in a country hostile to its minorities is a good thing

2018-07-19 19:57:37 UTC  

The military is needed in zwehile. The residents are being held hostage by a minority group. Kids are not in school,people cant go to work in fear of getting attacked. The army is absoloutely needed. It's been 9 days now.

2018-07-19 19:59:34 UTC  

The military has no mandate to fight on its own soil, they are not trained for this, they make war and kill, thats what they do. Plus deploying them once will create a precedent, guess who will show up at the next black Monday protests?

2018-07-19 20:01:46 UTC  

"Asanda Mlonyeni spoke openly about his clashes with police since the protests started on July 7.

He confirmed claims that protesters were targeting community members who tried to go to work‚ saying that he supported the burning of people's homes and belongings who attempted to go to work.

He said the protest was about land and blamed the municipality for not making more land available to residents.

He said that protesters burnt down a police station and municipal office because they were upset about bad services rendered by the staff in those buildings."

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read that last bit

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The military is used for exactly such situations,when the police cant restore order.The police in hermanus have called upon the army to help.

2018-07-19 20:05:02 UTC  

You want to tell me a police force who stopped xenophobia attacks can not organize to save one of the smaller townships? ANC is behind this, they once again sacrifice the common black man for their political game. I feel for them, but if its a minority keeping them hostage they must put on their big boy pants and defend themselves. No military should be deployed in SA, they are not our friends.

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Totsiens, **water#9702**

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The Hermanus police should ask security companies to come and help or a willing civilians.

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@Gonzo <#469596463345958912>

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Thanks CC

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@Karooboer The army have more authority to restore the peace. Police hands are tied,there is only so much they can do. We need to show people that the law should be applied and these protests should be stamped out.

2018-07-19 20:14:24 UTC  

> "We need to show people that the law should be applied and these protests should be stamped out."

Coming to a Black Monday near you...

2018-07-19 20:17:42 UTC  

I personally just don't like the precedent it sets. The police will become reliant on the army for most future protests. "Why risk my skin, am I right?"

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Then the police should get their balls back

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@everyone so Interkultur will just have us understand that we "incorrectly interpret" the song calling all white people thieves and calling for the slaughter of the Boer... See their comments on their video here:

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@Daniel van Straaten Again, please keep videos in the <#468415663925624852> channel

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If the video ties in to the current discussion its fine, but if it's something unrelated you'd like to share, that's for <#468415663925624852>

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Sorry man the video is more about Interkultur's comments that about the actual video...

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The police have called upon the army. That means they dont have the resources to deal with it,it's a small town that relies on police from neighbouring towns. If this was in a big city the police can deal with it,i'm not saying use the army for every protest. But when the police call for the army a unit can be deployed to restore peace. If we don't stamp out these land protests it will only get worse.

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just found this

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@Gonzo the military follows the command of Luthuli house, they will definitely be pro land grabs. Their guns will point at the farmers, not the invaders.

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What is she holding? @Chein

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Looks like a melon...

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yeah... okay it's a melon

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That is not a melon lol

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Blamed the municipality for not making more land available... This is the other side of the argument that irks some people off, is the growing population and demand, and with it grows this burden of entitlement that the municipality is expected to deliver.

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so confused by this

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That is what it is