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Spikyviking I would say I believe you. Any stumbling block that they can use to disarm us they will use it. The trick is to make the system to obtain or renew firearm license as difficult as possible so then 90% of the people give up on getting firearm license or go hand in their old once when the cant renew. The SAP then hands out those firearms to criminals to do cash in transit heists and farm attacks.

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@Penkop I was looking at a semi automatic HK rifle-5.56 AR style. The prices are insane. basically a small second hand car's cost. Apart from jumping through hoops to get a Firearm legally you further impacted by cost. I am curious stats wise how many crimes have been committed by legal gun owners. So does the system work or are the legal gun owners not enough for there to be significant increase in firearms crimes?

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@Graeme the Guerrilla I'm sure you can contact GOSA and ask.

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@Penkop That is the usual communist MO

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I am waiting for my competancy from SAP , 3 months and counting. Once I get that I can apply for a licence +- another 6 months. Realistically you are looking at 1 year to get licensed up. Or at least that has been my experience in western cape.

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I would be surprised it is in the low digits. I mean who do you know who was or is a legal gun owner. That committed crime. Oscar? I can maybe only list him. Which is a Segway into this then. Why are firearms so hard to attain legally if legal firearm owners are not at all contributing to actual crime. Which then maybe donning my Tin Foil hat could it be a white armed citizen who feels threatened is seen as a threat to a mostly black government? Because who will likely be shot in said crime Korean store owners?

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Exactly Captain Obvious

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@Penkop This is why people get non lethal "weapons" because its a ball ache to get an actual gun. Its easier to go buy a crossbow or a pepperball gun.

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Crossbow! Now there is an option I have not considered yet. Thanks

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Every time I see those hordes of looters run at police like in Hermanus I keep thinking about that scene in Braveheart where they threw oul down onto the battle field the night before and when the english soldiers came at them they simply set them alight

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@Penkop A little white SAPS birdie told my dad he should not really carry his gun because if he shot someone. The cop said he will go to jail. Mind you we talking actual crime happening to my dad.

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Ja, dont go around waving your weapon when you get cut off in traffic. There are certain criteria that you must adhere to before you are justified to shoot the skollie. Im no expert but basically it boils down to you must be able to prove you feared for your life or limb. Now that is very broad and open to so many loop holes. Just remember this: the law is not on your side at all. If you have to use your weapon ,make sure it is justified otherwise you will end up in jail and the skollie will walk away.

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ROFL....I see the US Cops use basically Paintball guns loaded with pepper balls and go full Auto during riots with ANTIFA. You need heavy fire rates for all those hordes. But squeeze off a shot or two and you will see running for lives. I am reading this Gun Digest book on Survival. The guy says even if it is a .22 rifle. No one wants to be shot. So a .22 is fine if you cant get better for now.

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Putin is here, can we send him a link to the discord?

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ya please do :D

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I think he's in PTA, whose close by?

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Just print it out and give it to one of his guards.

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You saw the Video this week of the black dude in the SUV who fired on two hijackers before they even tried their shit. I suspect no persecution because A is he black. 2 They will view it maybe as you shooting scumbags and three no one died. But you right you cant just shoot someone unless you can prove your life was in physical danger. Again said birdie told my Pops knife to throat drawing blood proof.

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Well Im not going to say too much for obvious reasons. But, my house is not the one you want to illegally enter after sunset. It is my right to protect my loved ones, mu property, and my own life. It is blatantly obvious that the SAP cannot do it and I will not stand by while a parasite threatens any of those above.

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If there are any of you who are semi sane, and who can write a letter, please reach out to the Russian Orthodox Church.

2018-07-26 11:00:00 UTC  

Perhaps Willem would be a good choice to write a letter to them.

2018-07-26 11:00:36 UTC  

I'm genuinely worried about those in our minorities who are the have-nots

2018-07-26 11:00:43 UTC  

I speak fluent Russian after a bottle of brandy...

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Yeah nah not just larpers we need someone serious to contact them.

2018-07-26 11:01:08 UTC  

Perhaps Dan Roodt

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Arcade so am I, my friend. People still live in a bubble as specially in the cape. My neighbour keeps telling me to stop being so paranoid. Everything is fine...

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Unfortunately a load of our people will die first before we realise we need to start working together and we need to stop turning the other cheeck or else we will be erased off the face of the earth.

2018-07-26 11:03:41 UTC  

@Penkop I'm specifically referring to the poorest of the poor, the people you don't even see.

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The ones most of us don't give a fuck about, those ones.

2018-07-26 11:04:39 UTC  

Yes they are the most vulnerable

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I think one white kid used for muti is one too many, what do you say?

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My friend phoned yesterday asked if I wanted a laptop he doesn't need. I told him no to give to the someone in the white squatter camps like Mansieville (he livesin PTA), and he laughed because he didn't even know about it.

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What I dont get is this. Technically most of us are from Dutch, French, German or Belgian herritage. How can they simply turn their back on us?

2018-07-26 11:06:42 UTC  

We're just as bad as the ANC is we sit and larp and don't do anything, we need to be reaching out to international churches.

2018-07-26 11:07:23 UTC  

I know it won't get any "hits" or "views" but it's the right thing to do.

2018-07-26 11:07:44 UTC  

And clearly nobody is fkn doing it.