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2018-07-31 22:21:21 UTC  

we're chatting in general chat

2018-07-31 22:23:02 UTC  

If I say “no” then that’s exactly what a troll would say.

2018-07-31 22:23:09 UTC  

Ok man

2018-07-31 22:23:35 UTC  

we only accept trolls and frogs <:pepe:469473864372584458>

2018-07-31 22:25:09 UTC  

Froggery I can do 🐸 👌

2018-07-31 22:25:09 UTC  

Ditsem! @Crumplepoint, you just advanced to level 1!

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drop text in <#471436422616842241>

2018-07-31 22:38:16 UTC  

Question regarding protocol - should I upload video links in 'shill yourself' or general?

2018-07-31 22:38:41 UTC  

are they yours? we love your vids

2018-07-31 22:38:49 UTC  

in general shill yourself is self promo

2018-07-31 22:38:54 UTC  

videos for any videos

2018-07-31 22:39:14 UTC  

but hop in general chat if you want, we're also chatting along in <#471436422616842241>

2018-07-31 22:54:49 UTC  

My videos

2018-07-31 22:55:18 UTC  

Currently working hard on videos, but I'll get on voice at some point 😃

2018-07-31 22:59:56 UTC  

no worries

2018-08-01 00:56:50 UTC  

Now's the time. Godspeed to the Afrikaner volk. <:Vierkleur:471734652844113920> 🙏 💪

2018-08-01 01:30:17 UTC  

Here are the CAD files for firearms from Defense Distributed.

2018-08-01 01:43:18 UTC  

For all those hobbyists out there

2018-08-01 03:24:09 UTC  

Israeli rifles

2018-08-01 03:48:03 UTC  

maybe some day

2018-08-01 04:27:50 UTC  

2018-08-01 04:27:51 UTC  

Aangename kennis @sunnyasu, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** 👨🏼‍🌾🎙️

2018-08-01 04:34:29 UTC  

About an hour before going live, the site was offline, and just a cached version. I checked every 15 min. The next moment the site was up, but the this appeared:

DEFCAD and its files, after being legally committed to the public domain through a license from the U.S. Dept of State, has been ordered shut down by a federal judge in the Western District of Washington.

2018-08-01 04:35:09 UTC  


2018-08-01 06:24:41 UTC  

I would suggest any sorta Liberty defence talk here needs to go very private. The government has ears everywhere. Rather have you guys meet each other to talk around a lekker braai. I doubt its hard to pretend to be Republican and get on this platform.

2018-08-01 06:55:50 UTC  

agreed, this is a discord of peace.

2018-08-01 06:56:02 UTC  

Did you guys miss the article about Ramaphosa announcing the constitution will now be changed? This is huge!! Note one of the reasons he mentioned was to “correct unjust spacial realities in urban areas” thus be prepared to have townships all around your house very soon.

2018-08-01 07:05:28 UTC  

O fok

2018-08-01 07:05:29 UTC  

Ditsem! @Michaelcangelo, you just advanced to level 1!

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R13.31/$ and climbing

2018-08-01 07:20:12 UTC  

So when is this trek happening?

2018-08-01 07:31:23 UTC  

Photo from Sheamus

2018-08-01 07:33:44 UTC  

the frustrating thing is we have to waste energy stating the obvious, we live in the 21st century we should be investigating cheap energy, nano tech, advanced health science. Yet here we are saying "Guys, really, communism isn't a good idea"

2018-08-01 07:33:53 UTC  

No one missed anything least me but if you wanna do command and conquer RTS planning on a public forum with likely a lot of unvetted people on here. Good luck. At least use encrypted e mail. When this goes south and fast they will start with the shit stirs on these types of platforms since we inciting. DO NOT POST YOUR 32 2018 Battalion PLANS HERE GUYS.

2018-08-01 07:34:46 UTC  

thanks for the reminder @Graeme the Guerrilla (no pun) Very Important

2018-08-01 07:35:29 UTC  

So where will this top secret meeting be held?

2018-08-01 07:36:07 UTC  

required background reading (south african cyber weapons broker in thailand)

2018-08-01 07:36:07 UTC  

Ditsem! @rob, you just advanced to level 12!

2018-08-01 07:37:21 UTC  

@Sheamus You need to decide but best keep your plans to yaself if you inclined to go this route

2018-08-01 07:37:54 UTC  

sorry wrong link, here is a slideshare on avoiding the Gulag

2018-08-01 07:41:50 UTC  

also summary of security protocols from various groups