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2018-08-01 07:57:57 UTC  

without pissing off the EFF too

2018-08-01 07:58:51 UTC  

All right then @rob whatsapp is rather limiting though in some ways.

2018-08-01 07:59:09 UTC  

it's also fire and forget, your chats with your girlfriend are as safe as your super secret plans

2018-08-01 07:59:40 UTC  

you can message your dad about something serious without worrying too much

2018-08-01 07:59:42 UTC  

This site is also good for secret mesages.

2018-08-01 07:59:44 UTC  

UI is important

2018-08-01 07:59:48 UTC  
2018-08-01 08:00:35 UTC  

you can also create accounts on very easily (just type the name and check the account)

2018-08-01 08:01:39 UTC  

If a civil war brakes out will we even have acess to the Internet?

2018-08-01 08:02:03 UTC  

@crazyBoer No but shit i would love to learn. Really helpful skill.

2018-08-01 08:03:16 UTC  

we can have local communications sorted

2018-08-01 08:03:45 UTC  

ctwug and jwug could help provide coverage along with mesh wifi networks

2018-08-01 08:04:55 UTC  

if a few people still have big pipes out (doesn't take much, fibre is widespread) but that will all most likely be cut

2018-08-01 08:04:55 UTC  

Perhaps we should focus on the baiscs first firearms, food, and medical care?

2018-08-01 08:04:55 UTC  

Ditsem! @crazyBoer, you just advanced to level 7!

2018-08-01 08:05:08 UTC  

communication is more important

2018-08-01 08:05:23 UTC  

2 way radio?

2018-08-01 08:05:27 UTC  

otherwise panic

2018-08-01 08:05:46 UTC  

walkie talkies are good, smartphones are great

2018-08-01 08:06:23 UTC  

smartphones can work with wifi etc and are nondescript

2018-08-01 08:06:44 UTC  

My father was in the army. he always said that the first step in conquest is taking over the radio stations.

2018-08-01 08:07:04 UTC  

also they include GPS and video cameras which can be good for emergency and PR respectively

2018-08-01 08:08:10 UTC  

I was reading the book Wardog by Al J Venter and one of the stories talks about intercepting enemy radio communications in sierra leone, editing it and rebroadcasting

2018-08-01 08:08:22 UTC  

causing major panic

2018-08-01 08:08:38 UTC  

so secure communications and keeping heads level is key

2018-08-01 08:08:56 UTC  

dunno if I'm talking too much @Graeme the Guerrilla ?

2018-08-01 08:09:09 UTC  

Also horses are awesome.

2018-08-01 08:10:23 UTC  

Attack and retreat back into the wilderness.

2018-08-01 08:10:29 UTC  

on your horse

2018-08-01 08:10:45 UTC  


2018-08-01 08:10:59 UTC  

Rob no offence you cant eat communication. He is right food shelter, warmth and safety or the corner stones of prepping. If you inclined try look at a few videos on you tube. Try learn TCCC tactical combat casualty care. You will face in a hostile area war like injuries. Gun shots. Burns gashing wounds

2018-08-01 08:11:50 UTC  

point taken, but ultimately in conflict can be impacted by low morale which is unrelated to the situation on the ground

2018-08-01 08:12:07 UTC  

we've had preparation, we have water tanks down here 😛

2018-08-01 08:12:20 UTC  

Boers have always been known for fighting in small ragtag groups.

2018-08-01 08:12:45 UTC  

Also try make friends with some US or European Ex Military guys on Social media. they have alot of info and maybe can help with logistics. Suggest a bug out bag with a US IFAK Individual first aid kit

2018-08-01 08:12:47 UTC  

most of us can go on a waterfast for a few days(week?) without much issue

2018-08-01 08:13:12 UTC  

You need to start documenting teh situation and build allies from across the water

2018-08-01 08:13:18 UTC!ZuZmiBqZ!XhyEetUaj6an8ntb-U1AZw!N7RXmAxa This is a discord of peace, learning how to survive in the event of infrastructure collapse is the best course of action. Hunting, fishing and bushcraft are very important skills that could save your life. 14GB of survival tips is attached.

2018-08-01 08:14:06 UTC These guys sell basically everything you need for an IFAK including a hug medical back pack for soldiers

2018-08-01 08:15:14 UTC  

Suggest also joining suid landers