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2018-08-03 11:35:56 UTC  

I don’t think my 9 followers can help but sure 👍🏻

2018-08-03 11:36:58 UTC  

Can somebody translate? :/ or give a rundown? I don't understand..

2018-08-03 11:37:06 UTC  

@Daniebees Can you give a summary of what he's saying/happening so I can put in tweet please?

2018-08-03 11:37:16 UTC  

yes give quick summary in eng please

2018-08-03 11:37:25 UTC  

K who's in pretoria?

2018-08-03 11:37:45 UTC  

@Daniebees you on your way?

2018-08-03 11:39:34 UTC  

Thy holding old people hostage and don't allow any one in although there's a court order saying they must let people and family in to help..this is serious.

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2018-08-03 11:41:09 UTC  

Who is holding the people up, what does it have to do with, and why?

2018-08-03 11:41:24 UTC  

K in a nutshell

2018-08-03 11:41:39 UTC  

Context, and english subtitles, would greatly encourage more people to retweet and share

2018-08-03 11:41:53 UTC  

The people working at the old age home wants more money and valid contracts

2018-08-03 11:41:57 UTC  

He is saying the conditions in the old age home are horrendous, and the staff is not letting anyone in

2018-08-03 11:42:04 UTC  

Ditsem! @Scatmån, you just advanced to level 1!

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@FragtioN read the article bro

2018-08-03 11:42:06 UTC  

read the article, thats disgusting.

2018-08-03 11:42:11 UTC  

Government old age home? so they are hiding their incompetence?

2018-08-03 11:42:28 UTC  

these 'people' have no respect for life

2018-08-03 11:42:56 UTC  

i understand their demands but thats not the way to go about it

2018-08-03 11:42:59 UTC  

That is the way in Africa, if nobody sees your incompetence then you are not incompetent. That is absolutely barbaric.

2018-08-03 11:42:59 UTC  

Ditsem! @KoueKoffie, you just advanced to level 1!

2018-08-03 11:43:08 UTC  

They took it upon themselves to involve the EFF to go protest outside the old age home while the people thats supposed to take care of the elderly strike too. Not allowing anyone to go in or out of that place.

2018-08-03 11:43:08 UTC  

Agreed fleeb

2018-08-03 11:43:45 UTC  

Is this racially motivated?

2018-08-03 11:44:04 UTC  

No greed driven with a lack of care for the lives of the elderly

2018-08-03 11:44:20 UTC  

Apparently some of the people in there hasn't eaten in 3 days

2018-08-03 11:45:15 UTC  

It’s economically motivated

2018-08-03 11:45:33 UTC  

At least that’s what I gathered from the article

2018-08-03 11:45:40 UTC  

Seriously though, the whites need a Volkstaat down there. These are not humans

2018-08-03 11:45:46 UTC  

So an analogy would be the Eskom workers strike/intimidation, but on a smaller scale ?

2018-08-03 11:46:22 UTC  

Yes except that its frail people that needs care who's lives are at stake

2018-08-03 11:47:02 UTC  

Yes I am on my way to go and help

2018-08-03 11:47:15 UTC  

Do you have a physical address?

2018-08-03 11:47:18 UTC  

Could be still racially motivated, they cover up the farm murders as "economically" motivated.
Whatever the reason, I have never heard of old people being starved anywhere in Europe.

2018-08-03 11:47:39 UTC  

Will film videos

2018-08-03 11:47:39 UTC  

Protest is a good way to express your unhappiness with your employer/government but your protest should not endanger the helpless. A good example of how to effectively protest was in Japan where bus drivers striked by going to work and still driving all the busses but refused to take Payment from the commuters. This method hit the company where it hurts and had no collateral damage to the public.

2018-08-03 11:48:13 UTC  

Honorary af

2018-08-03 11:49:14 UTC  

nm got it @Daniebees do you know whats needed?

2018-08-03 11:49:33 UTC  

goddamit this has made me so angry