Message from Mee6 in Willem Petzer Live Chat #general

2018-08-05 15:39:46 UTC  

@Piesangslaai I'll let all this retarded name calling slide, you do you man, cheer up a bit though.

2018-08-05 15:40:17 UTC  

I would prefer staying, but I don't think we'll survive. I want to immigrate abroad.

2018-08-05 15:40:18 UTC  

@The Fleeb Yeah man, what a total shitshow

2018-08-05 15:41:01 UTC  

It's not name calling if its true

2018-08-05 15:41:16 UTC  

@Piesangslaai Chill out, man

2018-08-05 15:41:44 UTC  

I'm pretty chill dude, you seem to be the one that gets spooked easily and runs at the first sign of trouble

2018-08-05 15:42:06 UTC  

Fight julle altyd soos skoolmeisies hier binne?

2018-08-05 15:42:12 UTC  

I can see your financial situation isn't good, and you seem quite frustrated, don't take it out on others man.

2018-08-05 15:42:16 UTC  

Lees die thread

2018-08-05 15:43:01 UTC  

This is a discord of peace.

2018-08-05 15:43:11 UTC  

Okei, gaan maar aan.

2018-08-05 15:43:29 UTC  

Van waar af is julle? Niks dox nie, net algemene omgewing

2018-08-05 15:43:43 UTC  

@SGL Vrystaat, ou bees ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-08-05 15:43:47 UTC  

@SGL you?

2018-08-05 15:43:47 UTC  


2018-08-05 15:43:50 UTC  


2018-08-05 15:43:50 UTC  

Definitely not a discord for hendsopper.

2018-08-05 15:44:07 UTC  

do you guys get people who knock on your steel gate with their keys and gooi a 'middaaaaaag'

2018-08-05 15:44:09 UTC  

My financial situation is better than most yet will find it difficult to leave (financially) yet here you are advocating everyoen should leave

2018-08-05 15:44:14 UTC  

Kom oorspronklik van die Kaap af, het vir lank in Jhb gewoon, nous ek hier.

2018-08-05 15:44:14 UTC  

Ditsem! @SGL, you just advanced to level 1!

2018-08-05 15:44:35 UTC  

@SGL Freestate is chill ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-08-05 15:44:41 UTC  

It is

2018-08-05 15:44:45 UTC  

@SGL MUCH better than jhb tbh

2018-08-05 15:44:56 UTC  

Yeah, jhb has its pros

2018-08-05 15:45:04 UTC  

Good entertainment venues

2018-08-05 15:45:19 UTC  

Besides that, there are no other pros

2018-08-05 15:45:20 UTC  

@SGL Yeah, lol, it IS a bit quiet out here ๐Ÿ˜„

2018-08-05 15:45:26 UTC  

So are you guys still students?

2018-08-05 15:45:29 UTC  

Lived in 4 ways for 5 years

2018-08-05 15:45:46 UTC  

4 ways isn't bad though, comparatively speaking

2018-08-05 15:45:57 UTC  

I lived in North Riding for 7 years

2018-08-05 15:46:13 UTC  

Jacaranda city the best.

2018-08-05 15:46:18 UTC  

Lots of crime man

2018-08-05 15:46:19 UTC  


2018-08-05 15:46:34 UTC  

Had 2 armed home invasion while 4ways

2018-08-05 15:46:42 UTC  

@Piesangslaai that sucks ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

2018-08-05 15:46:53 UTC  

My female roommate was almost raped

2018-08-05 15:47:04 UTC  

both my neigbors were robbed recently, im in the middle lol, wonder whos next

2018-08-05 15:47:04 UTC  

lived in randburg, got tied up and held at gunpoint in randburg :D

2018-08-05 15:47:06 UTC  

Fuck man I'm sorry