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Haha I think Friday was refering to anothe of Oom Sieners prophecies. He basically says that we will be attacked and more divided than ever, the world will be distracted by other things such as sport and music

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Let me see if I can find it quick

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ill never understand brainlets obsession for specific artists

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sport used to be something children did at school mostly until they realized they could use it to distract the masses and create fortunes

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we take it for granted these days

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sport is entertainment

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Sieners book is in <#475032588814123030>

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sport has been around far longer than school sports

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@Noa but not on teh scale it is now

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At first he always spoke of the Boer’s mistake to make idols of his foremen, because they are also only flesh and blood that can achieve nothing if it is not the will of God. Secondly he sees that our Boer nation will not only become sports-addicts in the future, but would idolise them to such an extent that other nations will use them as arms against us. Eventually the nation’s enemies will force us – for the sake of sport – will sacrifice its principles, its religion, yes, everything it has will be forced to sacrifice it on the altar!

He also predicted that all these thing will happen around a very large election, an election in which all – except Seer’s “Faithful Afrikaners” will participate and which will end in the last division between Boer and Boer.

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That is just part of it. Im still busy with Messenger Of God book. The author comes back to that vision a few more times.

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Sport really emphasizes competitiveness... not necessarily the games we play as sports.

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Uuhrg my internet is too kak to join kakpraat

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Oh is that why you left..

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Someone's a bit obsessed?

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Feels bad man @Penkop

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the Orania Honeymoon better come with dvd commentary when its out

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I want the Lord to pull a 'Job' on Renaldo

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i wanna see his mettle tested through the flames

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can he make it without that Audi?

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Man shall not live on bread alone.

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that song is anointed

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Go post in <#468455258251722752>

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@Sheamus yup im offshore at the moment

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Well now.

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Morning lads