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Totsiens, **AndeB#1239**

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"One of the stupidest things the National Party ever did was, in the 1950s and 1960s, to hound a fairly moderate ANC into the arms of the Soviet Union and the East Germans. The Soviet embrace infused much hard-left thinking into the party which culminated in the ANC’s 1969 endorsement of the theory of National Democratic Revolution (NDR), which had earlier (in 1962) been taken on board by the South African Communist Party.

The NDR theory was based on Lenin’s theory of imperialism, which claimed that the wealth of the colonial powers arose solely from their oppression and exploitation of the colonised. From this foundation, Lenin argued that the purpose of anti-colonial revolutions must always be to dispossess the coloniser – and then embrace communism – failing which the colonised could never be free.

The SACP made this theory applicable to South Africa by developing the notion of ‘colonialism of a special type’ – to mean that both the coloniser and the colonised lived together inside the same country, into which the coloniser had become permanently integrated. But, the argument went, despite that integration, white/capitalist prosperity remained solely the result of the oppression and exploitation of the black majority, and indeed prolonged that poverty – and that the coloniser, despite his integration, would have to be dispossessed if the colonised were ever to be free. The ANC has annually recommitted to the NDR, right up to this year."

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where is this quotes from?

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@Gonzo @HoppeanSnake_ZA Didn't Willem say that Orania is looking into acquiring a port town or some type of ocean-going ability? What if the Orania movement forms other groups or helps other groups to set up their own Orania-type settlements. Why must things be restricted to an "Orania or bust" mindset? Although I do agree with the gentleman who said that Orania certainly has a 20 year headstart! If the Orania movement could start similar settlements in other parts of SA, particularly in the WC, as someones suggests, I think that would be a start. I'm sure the Orania leadership has thought/heard about any number of suggested plans for a future Afrikaner Volkstaat, but I think they have to be careful about how public they are about their plans/aspirations. Does anyone know any info about Kleinfontein? Aren't they similar to Orania?

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Gavin McInnes + Proud Boys were permanently banned from twitter. RIP

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cool and nice

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@Willem Petzer Looking forward to the #CrimeFreeOrania documentary! But for heaven's sake my good man, GET SOME REST!!!! 🙏 💪 <:Orania:475339123964641300>

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Rest is for the weak lol

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apparently so!!! Sacrifices will achieve greatness.

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Ek wil moontlik 'n video series maak oor redes hoekom Afrika 'n kakhuis was voordat wit mense hier gekom het, uit 'n ekonomiese perspektief. Sal dit aftrek kry?

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Want daar is meer nuanse tot die saak as net 'swartes is dom lol'

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They will pull the old race card again saying all your sources are from a colonial perspective. Unfortunately the norm with all these doccies. As soon as you show them the truth, prrrrrrr! out comes the race card! All your info and sources were written by racist white colonials. “Our people did not even know what the wheel was before you got here nevermind read and write so we could document our history from a black perspective.” Like that idiot Willem interviewed saying that the zulus had their own news papers , WTF!

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SGL maak jou doccie nogsteeds, al kan jy net een parasiet se oë oop maak

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@Penkop I'm talking about Geographic reasons lol

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They can't say geography is a colonial construct

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Maar ek sal. Dit gaan nog lank wees maar sal begin werk daaraan

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Ja SGL gooi my man. Make it ! Lets get the truth out there in the face of these headless chickens

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Hey @Willem Petzer having watched the (excellent) documentary I have only one question: what happened to this poor, adorable doggy??? 😣

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Very nice documentary I will watch it later

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@Willem Petzer Well gedaan Man. Dit was baie goed gedoen.

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Well done Willem

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I would like to thank die boere/farmers for providing us with such fine food in South Africa

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This will go on the braai a bit later! Hope everyone has a great weekend

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Dit is funny

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lol, die ou kan skei met sy vrou en nog steeds dieselfde fotos hou met die nuwe vrou lol... dit is weird en funny

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