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Ditsem! @Bird_Goes_Beep, you just advanced to level 4!

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@Gonzo what are the numbers on the right?

2018-08-12 07:38:37 UTC  

please remove personal details if you use this information. We do not want the Farmer targetted

2018-08-12 07:38:48 UTC  

I wont be using any personal details

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only screencap I'm going to use is map

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@Arm It is the Plot number. A number in the registry at the municipality to identify the land

2018-08-12 07:42:06 UTC

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@Bird_Goes_Beep here is his other property

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2018-08-12 07:55:41 UTC  

what happens now?

2018-08-12 07:56:11 UTC  

Okay, looking into this more, it seems that this may be a provisional list to be put into action when the amendment is passed.

2018-08-12 08:04:22 UTC  

are these farms the 139?

2018-08-12 08:05:44 UTC  

@Bird_Goes_Beep I see Ernst @ afriforum said its possibly the list according to his tweet earlier

2018-08-12 08:10:25 UTC  

Yeah that's where I got the list from. And also realized how bad my Afrikaans has become.

2018-08-12 08:11:25 UTC  

@MR VLAK use the snipping tool in windows for posting screenshots 👌

2018-08-12 08:12:47 UTC  

Got it from my brother. I don't have access to windeeds

2018-08-12 08:14:14 UTC  

Okay, going to see if I can get video done before I fall asleep.

2018-08-12 08:15:14 UTC  

@Bird_Goes_Beep on the excel document it show "portions" which could mean what I said earlier about portions of the farm being expropriate not the whole farm

2018-08-12 08:15:26 UTC  

Aha. Thanks.

2018-08-12 08:18:44 UTC  

@Gonzo some erfs are split into portions on paper.

2018-08-12 08:19:09 UTC  

Check out Erf 145 in my posting

2018-08-12 08:19:34 UTC  

It doesn't mean its one owner

2018-08-12 08:23:40 UTC  

I think its one owner. If he ever wanted to sell a part of his farm then he sells that portion. Couple thousand hectares will be multiple portions in the registry 3/4.

2018-08-12 08:24:15 UTC  

EWC could claim one portion as I mentioned before.

2018-08-12 08:24:58 UTC  

All portions can be diffrent owners as it stands.

2018-08-12 08:25:44 UTC  

It could be but the list names the farm and associated portion.

2018-08-12 08:27:06 UTC  

Meaning one farm/one owner

2018-08-12 08:27:07 UTC  

Yes cause that is how properties are identified

2018-08-12 08:27:49 UTC  

If it has been subdivided and registered at the deeds office it's portion / erf

2018-08-12 08:28:16 UTC  

Otherwise each allocated portion would have been listed a farm name on that list

2018-08-12 08:28:34 UTC  

Meaning that portion 1 of erf 145 is I separate property in my example

2018-08-12 08:28:59 UTC  

Yip i get what you saying. The list however only list s one farm name

2018-08-12 08:29:57 UTC  

Which translates to one owner owning those portions

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2018-08-12 08:30:22 UTC  

Farm names existed before erf numbers.

2018-08-12 08:31:00 UTC  

When erf numbers was allocated it was allocated to the then owner. If it was divided it was then given a portion number

2018-08-12 08:32:34 UTC  

the two properties in Weenen mapped out