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2018-08-20 21:25:03 UTC  

@Rox this will explain how it works

2018-08-20 21:27:24 UTC  

Thats what we are all waiting for,for the constitution to be ammended. Then you will see shit hit the fan. As for now farmers can get a interdict and fight the state in court over the amount that should be compensated

2018-08-20 21:29:14 UTC  

What ever is happening one thing is for sure: it's creating a lot of friction.

2018-08-20 21:32:00 UTC  

@cµrvy ja die kak gan die fan strike

2018-08-20 21:32:48 UTC  

Either way they want the land... legally or if they cant change the constitution there will be a violent revolution
Like Malema threatens..
Even this article here..
Read between the lines.. he says land reform or the country will become "unstable"

2018-08-20 21:34:01 UTC  

I think we are in serious kak and no one is coming to save us

2018-08-20 21:35:06 UTC  

Just saw about U.K. complicit in land grabs. I am furious and ashamed of my country’s government

2018-08-20 21:35:15 UTC  

Ditsem! @Crumplepoint, you just advanced to level 2!

2018-08-20 21:35:20 UTC  

@Rox we know exactly what it means.

2018-08-20 21:35:52 UTC  

I have no fear.

2018-08-20 21:36:08 UTC

2018-08-20 21:36:08 UTC  

Im a woman... in a city... with no guns

2018-08-20 21:36:34 UTC  

that's my friend's twitter acc, was in a call with him earlier.

2018-08-20 21:36:43 UTC  

@Rox get to know people with guns!

2018-08-20 21:37:06 UTC  


2018-08-20 21:37:14 UTC  

@Arm verified hate?

2018-08-20 21:37:22 UTC  

What city

2018-08-20 21:37:35 UTC  

Thats vile and disgusting and seems a world wide problem

2018-08-20 21:37:45 UTC  

Im in Cape Town @Daniebees

2018-08-20 21:37:58 UTC  

Liberal capital!

2018-08-20 21:38:01 UTC  

blue checkmark brigade.

2018-08-20 21:38:13 UTC  

I guess verified hate is a copycat or he changed his name.

2018-08-20 21:38:18 UTC  

From Johannesburg ... I moved here thinking it would be safer a few years ago

2018-08-20 21:38:36 UTC  

he gets 6 million impressions a month

2018-08-20 21:39:02 UTC  

I was in CT for work moved back to Pretoria so I can be close to my family

2018-08-20 21:39:34 UTC  

Lot of liberals here.. blind ones

2018-08-20 21:39:40 UTC  


2018-08-20 21:40:01 UTC  

canaries in the coal mine for the rest of us

2018-08-20 21:40:09 UTC  

they dont even want to talk about it

2018-08-20 21:40:24 UTC  

Anti ANC terrorist kit! I am on the range as much as I can be

2018-08-20 21:40:55 UTC  

@DaniebeesDie souties in die kaap ja. Baie van ons afrikaners is nog <:Vierkleur:471734652844113920>

2018-08-20 21:41:36 UTC  

the kak will probably start up north first ...

2018-08-20 21:41:42 UTC  

Ja ek het paar leker manne daar ontmoet wat ek saam mee geskiet het

2018-08-20 21:43:02 UTC  

@Rox get a firearm license asap

2018-08-20 21:43:22 UTC  

ek gaan volgende week skietgat toe.

2018-08-20 21:43:37 UTC  

maar fok die ammo is duur.

2018-08-20 21:43:50 UTC  

@Rox look into a knife or two, always handy in a pinch

2018-08-20 21:44:10 UTC  

@cµrvy ek en my twee broers reload saam anders sou ek nie so baie kon gaan nie

2018-08-20 21:44:23 UTC  

dis great man

2018-08-20 21:44:29 UTC  

@cµrvy waar bly jy?