Message from Willem Petzer in South African Genocide Awareness #general-chat

2018-03-19 18:30:55 UTC  

Spam and redpill all pols and social media platforms. You kikes will feel the incoming forth Reich. Just sit there and be quiet alright )ew.

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*assumption of race*

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*I am triggered*

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We need to get white ppl out of there, but one of the problems is that most don't want to give up their land and property they worked so hard for to establish.

2018-03-19 19:25:12 UTC  

Even with re-segregation there will be racial conflict there.

2018-03-19 19:27:07 UTC  

This is why it's important for every race and culture to have their own land in which they are the majority and therefore safe.

2018-03-19 19:28:37 UTC  

Is it possible to achieve this at this point? I'm not sure. But I hope so.

2018-03-19 19:28:37 UTC  

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And stopping genocide by committing genocide is not the way to go. Understand human nature and that there will always be tribes of similars. Segregation may be the only way but open to other solutions/ideas.

2018-03-19 19:35:55 UTC  

I agree wholeheartedly, @XNyxie6

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2018-03-19 19:58:07 UTC  

We'd need a country willing to negotiate the segregation(like the USA for example), I doubt the South African government will listen to the white minority seeing as they're stealing their(The white's) land away.

2018-03-19 20:00:09 UTC  

you'd need international support for a Boer nation. The problem is: if a black assaults a white it's because he's poor... if a white reacts, it's racism. Miscegenation ideology (as gender one) is ruling among elites atm.

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2018-03-19 20:05:19 UTC  

True, so is charity and helping them out of the country the most we can do right now?

2018-03-19 20:09:41 UTC  

I have no means to be sure about "the most we can do right now". I am sure that ZA as it's now will end (and it's ending) in a "counter-apartheid" nation, or a majority dictatorship as you prefer to call it.

2018-03-19 20:12:43 UTC  

the second biggest cancer to morale surely has to be the liberal narrative being pushed that tortures and attacks are being exaggerated. they follow the same playbook as the americans. keep telling the lie and the un woke will start to believe it, till its too late and suddenly wonder why and how it happened. we are facing a force being sponsored by the open foundation society. might men like trump can stand up against them, he has the money and resources. we are divided by ideologies. some are boers, some are afrikaners, and nobody understands that the gate has been breached and we are facing a storm. the afrikanerbelang can only be protected if we understand who are targeting us and how they are doing it. i have been in my industry since early 2000's but decided this year to start studying for politics. i felt a dire need to stand up. even if i am alone. something needs to be done.

2018-03-19 20:16:14 UTC  

the great majority of "mainstream" medias push the image of poor blacks victims of centuries of colonialism, apartheid, racism. FACTS replies that given the chance, they are far worst dominators than whites. And, sincerely, it's quite obvious: white colonialists or even racists were (and are) still bound to Christian morale. Blacks no. So there're no boundaries to what they could and will do.

2018-03-19 20:21:10 UTC  

wisdom is needed. one needs to know when to act, respond, talk sense, troll and walk away. the eyes of the world is focused on the volk. this has not happened before. now is not the time to give them any reason to dismiss the tyranny. now is the time to flood facts. now is the time to get the world to see the unbiased behaviours: bbee, affirmative action, sports quotas etc. people need to get the full picture.

2018-03-19 20:22:56 UTC  

Guys the word is getting out and it's brilliant. PJW just retweeted me...

2018-03-19 20:23:32 UTC  

Oh my gog yes!!!

2018-03-19 20:24:03 UTC  

brandwag you're right. I always, when given the chance and situation, asked for wisdom, for wise decisions and especially wise acts. Moreover granted the silence (and hostility) of mainstream medias, should be imperative for Boers/Afrikaneers/Whites in general in ZA to be un-attackable.

2018-03-19 20:25:19 UTC  

I feel close to ZA whites/---. I can offer only my best wishes, my moral support, my prays. My apologizes for this.

2018-03-19 20:30:50 UTC  

I'm glad afrikaners are getting the attention they deserve

2018-03-19 20:31:14 UTC  

Willie, you are getting the word out. you made a statement and people are noticing and reacting. i think you should continue your day post of afrikaner/boer heros (people need to be reminded where we come from). maybe anglo boer war leaders etc.

I personally think - since william, prince of orange gave the rebellion flag - the prinsenvlag to use as a symbol - the only royal symbol given to be used by the volk by permission; it should feature. not to be confused with the previous country flag. i will be using the image soon on my twitter profile. @_brandwag .

2018-03-19 20:31:15 UTC  

FrenchPotato: too few. Really. Too few.

2018-03-19 20:32:49 UTC  

Too few still but it's improving

2018-03-19 20:33:24 UTC  

And it seems like Australia is taking the problem very seriously

2018-03-19 20:33:46 UTC  

@brandwag what is the history behind prins Willem giving permission?

2018-03-19 20:34:25 UTC  

Good point. I feel it's damn nothing thinking what Boers are enduring, still it's something. I was using the Antarctica feeling deeply out of today politics and positions. I use it too.

2018-03-19 20:34:29 UTC  

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i need to check there was a really nice journal i read, will have a look again

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2018-03-19 20:37:53 UTC  

I read some texts about Boer Wars. Aside "inventing" the concept of "commandos" itself, Boers deserve the outmost regard

2018-03-19 20:43:03 UTC  

i am note sure if you guys follow vertigopolitix on youtube or twitter - but have a look
MIND BLOWING research, good information. you will not waste your time.

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thank you brandwag.

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