Message from Ilya Muromets in Vibrant Diversity #music

2017-05-21 07:05:57 UTC  

whole album kicks ass

2017-05-21 07:06:00 UTC  

Which is a cover of a rocksteady song

2017-05-21 07:06:27 UTC  

also the person singing it

2017-05-21 07:06:36 UTC  

you like portishead at all?

2017-05-21 07:06:37 UTC  

Horace Andy is pretty famous reggae wise too

2017-05-21 07:06:41 UTC  

never got into it

2017-05-21 07:07:19 UTC  

The other hit from the Paragons who wrote Man Next Door which was covered by a western artist

2017-05-21 07:07:25 UTC  

would be The Tide is High

2017-05-21 07:07:39 UTC  

the original is actually good

2017-05-21 07:07:49 UTC  

but even though I love Blondie I hate her cover of it

2017-05-21 07:07:57 UTC  


2017-05-21 07:07:59 UTC  

i dunno how many people in the alt right like early progressive house or anything like that

2017-05-21 07:08:15 UTC  

i still like downtempo and psybient stuff

2017-05-21 07:08:19 UTC  

good background music

2017-05-21 07:08:57 UTC  

yeah I genuinely like a lot of weird shit can't say progressive house is one of those genres though

2017-05-21 07:09:10 UTC  


2017-05-21 07:09:15 UTC  

Sasha was one of my favorites back in teh day for that

2017-05-21 07:09:16 UTC  

wait one act

2017-05-21 07:09:23 UTC  

The Orb

2017-05-21 07:09:23 UTC  

but this album of his is more experimental

2017-05-21 07:09:29 UTC  

yeah i dig the orb

2017-05-21 07:09:34 UTC  

I love the KLF

2017-05-21 07:09:44 UTC  

this is one of my favorite albums of all time, to just have on background and listen through

2017-05-21 07:09:51 UTC  

so I recognize the name never really tried listening to the orb

2017-05-21 07:10:46 UTC  

I'm not a big fan of more ambient stuff anymore

2017-05-21 07:10:56 UTC  

I can take atmosphere and build up

2017-05-21 07:11:05 UTC  

and it being drawn out

2017-05-21 07:11:06 UTC  

this album isnt really ambient, heavy on different percussive styles

2017-05-21 07:11:37 UTC  

but if it's purely ambient with no "pay off" I find it hard to get into

2017-05-21 07:11:43 UTC  


2017-05-21 07:11:44 UTC  

listening now sounds agreeable

2017-05-21 07:12:44 UTC  

when it has no percussion, any beat to it, just gentle melodic wind in the trees type shit, its nice for meditating or falling asleep to, but yeah cant sit and listen to it really

2017-05-21 07:13:31 UTC  

That band I was shitposting about in general is good

2017-05-21 07:13:33 UTC  


2017-05-21 07:13:38 UTC  

very interesting

2017-05-21 07:13:46 UTC  

"Nu Jazz" Polish group

2017-05-21 07:14:55 UTC  

it's not quite ambient but I think they're interesting

2017-05-21 07:15:32 UTC