Message from Convo in Vibrant Diversity #problematic_oven

2017-03-19 12:54:14 UTC

2017-03-19 14:16:28 UTC  

@badtanman thats kateelife, a camwhore

2017-03-19 14:18:28 UTC  

@Convo oh 😦 the file names made me think they were personal pisc

2017-03-19 15:52:25 UTC  

@Convo why do you even know that? I had no idea who that was.

2017-03-19 15:53:30 UTC  

i dont think hes as pure and principled as he claims to be

2017-03-19 16:26:33 UTC  

That's going to bring back his career.

2017-03-19 17:14:49 UTC  

@Nikephoros she is extremely famous because there's a webm of her jumping around with her tits wobbling with Where Did You Come From Cotton Eye Joe playing in the background

2017-03-19 17:15:23 UTC  

also I don't claim to be pure or principled I just say things are impure and unprincipled

2017-03-19 17:15:35 UTC  

and I'm right

2017-03-19 17:16:20 UTC  

also protip

2017-03-19 17:16:23 UTC  

if you meet a girl

2017-03-19 17:16:24 UTC  

and she's pretty

2017-03-19 17:16:26 UTC  

she's a camwhore

2017-03-19 17:16:41 UTC  

Famous for your tits jiggling to Cotton Eye Joe... what a reputation

2017-03-19 17:16:45 UTC  

women are utterly powerless to guys telling them they're hot

2017-03-19 17:16:56 UTC  

@Nikephoros you wouldn't believe how perfect they are

2017-03-19 17:17:11 UTC  

I suppose not

2017-03-19 17:17:34 UTC  

I was gunna write an effortpost about this

2017-03-19 17:17:49 UTC  

how a girl like MissAlice or KateeLife are fucking destroyed from birth

2017-03-19 17:17:59 UTC  

they literally cannot go anywhere without people offering them everything

2017-03-19 17:18:08 UTC  

there is no realistic way taht they can grow up as normal people

2017-03-19 17:18:11 UTC  

other than their fathers isolating them from the world

2017-03-19 17:18:29 UTC  

or there existing an aristocracy of affluent men that are at the same sexual market value as them that whisks them away

2017-03-19 17:18:36 UTC  

otherwise they just are totally destroyed

2017-03-19 17:18:48 UTC  

it's an extremely disgenic system

2017-03-19 17:19:25 UTC  

That makes a lot of sense, @Convo

2017-03-19 17:19:39 UTC  

so we either need middle age tier patriarchy

2017-03-19 17:19:41 UTC  

or aristocracy

2017-03-19 17:19:55 UTC  

and I'd choose aristocracy, though patriarchy has more longevity

2017-03-19 17:20:11 UTC  

but tbh I'm gunna be in the aristocracy so I might be biased

2017-03-19 17:20:28 UTC  

I started thinking about this because Salty said "I hate hte idea of aristocracy because I am blue collar"

2017-03-19 17:20:41 UTC  

and I thought "well hey bud don't get ahead of yourself let's think about this for a second and not be biased"

2017-03-19 17:21:41 UTC  

I believe that society is best when the Aristocracy is virtuous

2017-03-19 17:22:06 UTC  

But that's all gone out the window

2017-03-19 17:22:19 UTC  

well aristocracy is not really what we have

2017-03-19 17:22:28 UTC  

aristocracy is de facto ruling class with power over regions

2017-03-19 17:22:32 UTC  

barons, counts, etc

2017-03-19 17:22:51 UTC  

we have gold calf tier aristocracy

2017-03-19 17:22:55 UTC  

also why are we effortposting in oven

2017-03-19 17:24:48 UTC  

We still have a celebrity class