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2017-04-06 18:51:28 UTC  

>hook up
>not hold hands

2017-04-06 19:02:52 UTC  

wwe tlc is the only acceptable punishment for thottism

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I swear its worse for you than smoking

2017-04-06 19:04:00 UTC  

I picked up a vape for a bit to replace my 1 pack every 2 mo habit of smoking camel wides and it tastes like utter shit

2017-04-06 19:04:06 UTC  

its like inhaling car exhaust

2017-04-06 19:21:20 UTC  

i thought its plus side was the lack of nicotine and all the chemicals in cigarettes but the downside is looking like a fag and occasional explosions

2017-04-06 19:22:06 UTC  

>lack of nicotine
no that would be pointless that's the drug

2017-04-06 19:22:27 UTC  

oh then it's the other way around

2017-04-06 19:24:09 UTC  

I thought the upside was not smoking paper

2017-04-06 19:24:16 UTC  

but tbh I prefer that now to this

2017-04-06 19:24:18 UTC  

its fucking horrible

2017-04-06 19:24:36 UTC  

vaping is shit

2017-04-06 20:33:33 UTC  

My answer to your WQ is this: if a chick is gonna cheat on a dude, she's gonna cheat on a dude. When I was a degenerate I used to think it was hilarious when I found out a chick I'd hooked up with had a boyfriend. My attitude was "well, might as well be with me" Now it just makes me want to start Mayhem posting.

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2017-04-06 20:34:15 UTC  

I want to become Mayhem

2017-04-06 20:35:32 UTC  

okay, well, the kind of expereinces with women that make you hate them even more indiscriminately than I do don't come without a lot of baggage, so I don't recommend it

2017-04-06 20:35:44 UTC  

but if you insist:

2017-04-06 20:35:50 UTC  

> pull chick

2017-04-06 20:36:41 UTC  

> smash chick

2017-04-06 20:36:49 UTC  

> take pictures

2017-04-06 20:36:56 UTC  

> with her phone

2017-04-06 20:37:33 UTC  

> send them to bf with captions like "LOL TOP KEK /pol/ STRIEKES AGAINSZ LOLZ"

2017-04-06 20:39:01 UTC  

> after you finish tell her she has 30 seconds to leave before you start doing WWE moves on her

2017-04-06 20:39:41 UTC  

^ Everything above is satire, NSA no bully, etc

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you KNOW I'm the cream of the crop

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bring out randy savage

2017-04-07 02:43:27 UTC  

Latest purchase

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It's good. Have you read any Hegel ?

2017-04-07 06:30:05 UTC  

@Pathos - NY nope. What was his thesis?

2017-04-07 12:30:00 UTC  

Spengler can be thought of as a synthesis of hegels philosophical history, normal cyclical view, and Nietzsche as applied to history. The first is just that Hegel divided history into 3 high level groups

2017-04-07 12:30:09 UTC  

One is like observational history

2017-04-07 12:30:15 UTC  

Like Xenophon etc.