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@Nikephoros is a weenie

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Joke: Alien Covenant was a good movie
Woke: the Alien was on thot patrol, burn the coal pay the toll
Sloke: androids are the real jews, feeding off the lifeblood of the Aryan is simply programmed into them at an unconscious level

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4D chess:
We make anglin lose this lawsuit

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and then we sue every single news agency in the entire world for inciting their readers into white hatred and to harass whites

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the precedent is there

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interesting idea @Convo how do we make him though

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sean hannity claims that antifa counter protesters are #altright

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fuck that trashcan kike lover tbh

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this is top tier as fuck

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The Marcus/Varg disagreement fundamentally stems not from a spiritual conflict, but from a political conflict. Marcus is making ideological concessions because he beleives that political solutions are possible, and Varg is making no compromises in his ideology because he believes that there is no hope in politics whatsoever.

In my opinion, the Marcus argument goes like this:

1. If whites go extinct, all life on earth will follow. Just look at what the second-place race is doing to their rivers and mountains in China - totally unsustainable.
2. The primary and most realistic goal of any white-centric political movement must be to instill a racial consciousness in white people.
3. If the majority of whites were Muslims, it would be harmful to the white race as a collection of subspecies to put white interests at odds with Muslim interests.
4. Therefore, if you are opposed to the most popular white spiritual belief, and you take action to separate white interests from Christian interests, you are harming the white race as a collective.
5. By this logic, it makes sense for Marcus to say nice things about Christianity.

Please Varg, try to understand. I agree with you wholeheartedly, but you have to understand that some people have not yet given up hope for a political solution.

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this pagan/christian shit is just one more thing preventing a future

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everyone wants their own little fucking group

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people need to grow up or stop pretending like they care

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No varg is just retarded and his understanding of history is fundamentally wrong

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He's a symptom of how retarded the Neo pagan movement is

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I think the religious disagreements have a key similarity with the other big disagreement within these circles. Generally speaking, I think the strong-Christian and strong-Pagan groups share more in common with eachother than they do their respective less-ideological co-religionists, and indeed the irreligious alt-right. As such, I see the push from both groups as yet another attempt to create artificial "white unity" as it were. It's yet another thing, let's unite under so and so banner against the foreign. At the end of the day, this movement is always going to be somewhat of a coalition. Furthermore, the Spencerite hard-pan-european standpoint is just as flawed as both sides of this argument, and for the same reason. It is trying to inflict a sense of pan-racial solidarity OVER and Excluding the sense that is more naturally felt by many Europeans, of ETHNIC solidarity. This may seem unrelated, but the same push against the alternative religious beliefs from either side of the debate represent a similar motivation; the achievement of some kind of unifying force among the white race above what people already feel. We gotta be pragmatic. Ultimately, the religion debate is thoroughly tiresome, as is the ethnic v. racial debate. At the end of the day, we gotta settle for the pragmatic solution in both cases;

1. In terms of religion, we're always going to belong to either camp, and neither will ever win out as the victor, or any sort of "official" religion. So let's just stfu about it.

2. Ethnicity is the most naturally held identity in terms of in/out groups. The colonies are ethnically mixed to the extent that race substitutes this as the foremost identity, and that's fine, just the way things are. But Europe is a continent of ethnic groups that will not willingly merge, and foremost do not consider themselves "white" over their ethnic identity.


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@Edward do not retardpost in effortposting
make an argument, or stick to crushing beercans against your head with your chums

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@Convo Tell Varg to stop making arguments without historical proofs and this goes for the entire pagan movement in fact.

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[Citation Needed] a book of totally real history that magically upholds my neopagan worldview by Varg "Kristian" Vikernes

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well im not varg but i can tell you that muslims were jihading eastern europe for literally 200 years and the christians were sitting around with their thumbs up their ass turning their cheeks as hard as they could and getting their cummies by talking about how good they were

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the pope had to literally make shit up about murdering actually not being a sin to get them to defend themselves, which they didn't even go all the way with

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further, catholicism is in no way based on the bible, as one of the major laws is no false idols. In catholicism, the #3 most worshipped individual is jesus, with the #1 being the virgin of guatemala

2017-05-28 19:05:57 UTC  

catholicism was the crusader religion, and it was basically pure paganism with a cross symbol

2017-05-28 19:06:24 UTC  

it was polytheistic, militant, and based on honor in death, all of which are fundamentally pagan values honored by previous pagan civilizations such as sparta and rome

2017-05-28 19:07:21 UTC  

now, I normally wouldnt bring this up

2017-05-28 19:07:29 UTC  

i dont actually hate christianity

2017-05-28 19:07:32 UTC  

but this is varg's argument

2017-05-28 19:07:35 UTC  

this is his viewpoint

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tell when u stop and ill respond

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and just saying "lol shits in a bucket" is not a fucking argument

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im done

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1. It's almost like when a massive empire collapses (Western Roman Empire) the powers left behind struggle to fight a war

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Also the Franks throw the Muslims out of Gaul and northern spain. Also the Visgoths after the Iberian pensisula had been conquered the reconquista begun

2017-05-28 19:11:05 UTC  

And @Convo which 200 years are they ?