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Thanks challahcost. Will share at Shabbat this Friday.

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Lol shit that never happened in that lol cow story

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Shilling for my own writing real quick

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@negger mild respet and accommodation for sand negoes is not the same as "we should have unlimited hajis".

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Yeah I guess the effort post goes here.

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@Ilya Muromets It's all good in my mind brah. The main reason I brought it up was bc strictly Christian religions correlate towards higher birth rates. Trying to figure out the type of girl I'd actually like to be involved with tbh. The Mormons I have met it in California always have a decent amount of children and I do fundamentally disagree with the Heathen mindset. Tbh no disrespect was aimed at you or anything. Just feeling you out brah.

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I have yet to meet an amish girl so I cannot speak for then essentially.

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Yeah I didn't feel any at all @Tee CA and fair to post this here. I just was trying to joke a little and just express what knowledge I have, as I was a lost Christian for a while and want to venture into a form that I feel at home and identify with. Part of my interest in the Orthodox church other than what I know about it is it's prevalence in Russia and Eastern Europe to the best of my knowledge, and as a descendent on one side of Christian Russians forced to flee during the Bolshevik revolution, and being one of the last of that bloodline, I feel a debt to my people.

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Yeah, I have only come across Mennonites here in Arizona.

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They aren't as hardcore as other forms of Amishness to my understanding

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so I don't know much about the Amish except from what I've read, and I think it's funny that a lot have bowlcuts.

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Insult the bowl, pay the toll fam.

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You're good in my book brah. Don't know if that holds really any weight or nothing.

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cheers mate, it was a good discussion even though i didnt have all the answers

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and you are good in my book as well

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I like anyone who truly believes in this movement unless they cause harm or conflict to others without need

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Strong people=strong nations= strong futures.

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mormonism is judaism but for anglos

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mormon faggots run the CIA, also they have a religious prophecy that some mormon president will save the USA during a constitutional crises 😂

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they actually thought mcmullin was that

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mormon faggots and jews, of course

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Thanks @NSJW I've always been suspicious of them.

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vid by @Horatio Cary , roughly edited by me

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Decided to go on a rant

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