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so I don't know much about the Amish except from what I've read, and I think it's funny that a lot have bowlcuts.

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Insult the bowl, pay the toll fam.

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You're good in my book brah. Don't know if that holds really any weight or nothing.

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cheers mate, it was a good discussion even though i didnt have all the answers

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and you are good in my book as well

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I like anyone who truly believes in this movement unless they cause harm or conflict to others without need

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Strong people=strong nations= strong futures.

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mormonism is judaism but for anglos

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mormon faggots run the CIA, also they have a religious prophecy that some mormon president will save the USA during a constitutional crises 😂

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they actually thought mcmullin was that

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mormon faggots and jews, of course

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Thanks @NSJW I've always been suspicious of them.

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vid by @Horatio Cary , roughly edited by me

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Decided to go on a rant

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Imagine being Richard Spencer in the Alt-Right scene and having to go home after another day of doing nothing and being all like “damn, Nina Kouprianova, you fuckin’ fine, all sexy with your curvaceous body and horrific pig-like monster face. I would totally have sex with you, both my White Nationalist character and the real me.” when all he really wants to do is fuck another 17 year old twink from his rally. Like seriously imagine having to be Richard and not only sit in that chair while Nina Kouprianova flaunts her disgusting body in front of you, the favorable lighting barely concealing her stretchmarks and blotchy skin, and just sit there, call after call, hour after hour, while she barks in that dog language to Kremlin. Not only having to tolerate her monstrous fucking visage but her haughty attitude as everyone on Twitter tells her she’s TOTALLY GOT IT and DAMN, NINA LOOKS STUNNING!! because they’re not the ones who have to sit there and watch her hippoish fucking moon face contort into types of smug smirks you didn’t even know existed before that day. You’ve been fucking nothing but a healthy diet of submissive fuccbois wearing red hats and later alleged BBCs for your ENTIRE CAREER coming straight out of the boonies in Missouri. You’ve never even seen anything this fucking disgusting before, and now you swear you can taste the sweat that’s breaking out on her rotund stomach as she sucks it in to writhe it suggestively at you, smugly assured that you are enjoying the opportunity to get paid in roubles to sit there and revel in her “statuesque (for that is what she calls herself)” beauty, the beauty she worked so hard for with cinnabuns in the previous months. And then Putin calls for another march, and you know you could kill every single person in this movement before the police could put you down, but you sit there and endure, because you’re fucking Rick. You’re not going to lose your future Nazi career over this. Just bear it. Hide your face and bear it.

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2017-08-19 16:26:42 UTC So gentlemen, say there was a white man and a black man dying and you could only save one, who would you save? Choose carefully you racist! :^)

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@everyone Hey Fam!

I need your help. Here is a list of companies that were upset their ads went up on my TV spot. The only one who didn't pull ad was Toyota. My next car will be a Toyota! kek Here is a list of companies that pulled their support:

Medical Weight Loss Specialists 701-205-3088
Jaeger Furniture in Fergus Falls (218) 739-4675
A Cutting Edge Jewelry (701) 356-7700
Toyota, Riverview Place (BASED!!!) (480) 655-4400 Thank them!
CHI Living Community 701.237.4700
Subway Subway Corporate number 1-800-888-4848 call them and let them know how you feel.
The Bowler (701) 235-7588

#67 then you phone number to block caller ID.
Recomended response: "I'm a ND resident and I enjoy the Point of View program on KVLY. Please do not pull your ads because they are trying to report every side of the story. That is why we watch them and that is why we support companies that have ads on there. Thank You."

Short and sweet.

I know some of the owners and of course I understand in this political climate they are just doing what they think is best for their businesses; let's prove them wrong. Some companies made harder stances than others but still calls would help.

Leftist rag article about POV (Point of View/local news) controversy:

Also, I need intel on this group. Red River Valley Democratic Socialists of America Ive gotten much info already on local antifa members so ty for that.

Peter (aka Chad aka Chan Munster)

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i got a skype number, i shall do it brother

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Where's the full interview

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2017-08-20 16:31:44 UTC  

(218) 739-4675 is the fax number

2017-08-20 16:38:27 UTC  

mission complete brother.. only person to answer was CHI Living Community 701.237.4700, and she said call back monday to yell at the owner

2017-08-20 16:38:31 UTC  

and i said i will 😃

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@Chad Radkersburg-ND thx fam gonna watch now. Hail Victory

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1488 brother

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Kek, watched video. Cuts off at "So are the joos traitors? " and then you're smiling. Top lel

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its great right?

2017-08-20 17:38:03 UTC
heres the hit piece about it. news stations got my back and so does toyota lol
this leftist rag has a huge boner for me. owned by a literal sodomite who is also a city council member. i made appointments will all memeber of city council so they dont htink im playing favorites even though we have some of our guys on there as well. our guys assured me they would grant me a permit for my event

2017-08-20 17:38:58 UTC very fair article.
they even printed "alleged alt-righter' when refering to the girl who was killed

2017-08-20 17:39:26 UTC  

date will mostly likely b the 21st. i said 14 for the meme. someone tell sam hyde he said hed speak there too. anyone know how to actually contact him lol

2017-08-20 17:39:27 UTC  

@Chad Radkersburg-ND it is. Just get out there speaking more often, it helps trains the jitters out of you. I would come off as extremely nervous all the time, but practice helped make me look good over time.

2017-08-20 17:39:52 UTC  

i will ty