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FucknOathMate 2017-01-29 01:52:30

I am still deciding what I'm gonna do at uni

FucknOathMate 2017-01-29 01:53:08

Guys idk if you speak to him but baked alaska was flying out to this thing

c6%G 2017-01-29 01:53:09

dont do psych, i got my degree in psych but you literally cannot do anything interesting because of review boards

c6%G 2017-01-29 01:53:18

yeah baked alaska is there

FucknOathMate 2017-01-29 01:53:38

Poor guy has had his life ruined over his red pill

FucknOathMate 2017-01-29 01:53:45

No one will let him in a job

FucknOathMate 2017-01-29 01:55:20

I'm a 6 foot 1 skeleton, can u read bones

FucknOathMate 2017-01-29 01:55:43

Yeah liberals don't really know what they're talking about

FucknOathMate 2017-01-29 01:55:51

It's all just crying

FucknOathMate 2017-01-29 01:56:02

They're slaves for zog

FucknOathMate 2017-01-29 01:56:10

Only #DingoTwitter can fix

FucknOathMate 2017-01-29 01:56:43

Can u link me pls

FucknOathMate 2017-01-29 01:56:48

On iPad can't find the site

Dave 2017-01-29 01:58:42


FucknOathMate 2017-01-29 02:01:06

I'm in Argentina

FucknOathMate 2017-01-29 02:01:11

Do you want in marc

FucknOathMate 2017-01-29 02:01:28

I'm low level idk if I'm allowed to invite

Caerulus_Rex 2017-01-29 02:02:03

thats a shit show thres like 30 people in the VC

Hand Banana 2017-01-29 02:02:13

Can I get some support here from the chat?

Caerulus_Rex 2017-01-29 02:02:26

what you need nigga

Hand Banana 2017-01-29 02:02:27

"Mighty Wings" was VASTLY superior to "Playing with the Boys" but @D'Marcus Liebowitz won't listen

Dave 2017-01-29 02:03:43


c6%G 2017-01-29 02:03:45
Caerulus_Rex 2017-01-29 02:04:52

goddamn it, yall have been arguing about that longer than yall have known me

D'Marcus Liebowitz 2017-01-29 02:05:13

I love Mighty Wings

D'Marcus Liebowitz 2017-01-29 02:05:49

the BRASS on this song

BellaDashwood 2017-01-29 02:05:58

Get in here Caerulus

Dave 2017-01-29 02:07:11

Herro Prease

D'Marcus Liebowitz 2017-01-29 02:08:50

@everyone git up in dis here chat son

Dave 2017-01-29 02:14:11

this real ?

Dave 2017-01-29 02:14:18

Federal court in NY issues temporary emergency halt to #Trump’s immigration ban -

D'Marcus Liebowitz 2017-01-29 02:15:08

(((Federal Court in NY)))

FucknOathMate 2017-01-29 02:15:29

Dude once you fuckin look at Libs after what body lingo man said

FucknOathMate 2017-01-29 02:15:35

They are total fucking fags

northern_confederate 2017-01-29 02:15:50

that'll get thrown out quickly, it's an express power of the president to do this

FucknOathMate 2017-01-29 02:16:00

So sad

northern_confederate 2017-01-29 02:16:04

the judge is just throwing a menorah in the gears of justice