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2017-01-31 07:54:52 UTC  

Why are ginger males so much more likely to be shitlib? Or is it the same chance, its just more noticeable due to their follicular deformity?

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2017-01-31 08:05:05 UTC  

I say highundie

2017-01-31 08:05:22 UTC  

hunday. like sunday

2017-01-31 08:05:34 UTC  

In pronounciation

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2017-01-31 08:10:14 UTC  

getting food

2017-01-31 08:12:07 UTC  

Ive been at uni for one year

2017-01-31 08:12:11 UTC  

Nothing happens

2017-01-31 08:12:25 UTC  

No white ppl either

2017-01-31 08:12:30 UTC  

I hate it

2017-01-31 08:15:11 UTC  

no white people in australia uni?

2017-01-31 08:16:32 UTC  

The meme liberals pushed that they're the true patriots is so bad

2017-01-31 08:22:41 UTC  

The worst pain I've had was a pectus excavatum operation

2017-01-31 08:23:11 UTC  

Second was snapping my tailbone completely off, I didn't even know I broke it until 4 months later

2017-01-31 08:30:33 UTC  

Wow, I'd heard dingos had tails but I always assumed that was a racial slur

2017-01-31 08:32:01 UTC

2017-01-31 08:35:14 UTC

2017-01-31 08:36:18 UTC  

You should all be owning .50 Deagles

2017-01-31 08:36:36 UTC  

I don't care if they are at risk of exploding, do it Amerifats

2017-01-31 08:36:49 UTC  

These are the risks we have to take

2017-01-31 08:36:52 UTC  

Just in case we ever get a part in an action movie where we have to look like a try-hard tough-guy

2017-01-31 08:36:54 UTC  

Chad nationalism

2017-01-31 08:38:48 UTC  

Did you guys use the scar in 5.56 or 7.62

2017-01-31 08:39:12 UTC  

It was modular if I'm not wrong

2017-01-31 08:39:19 UTC  

Like for changing calibres

2017-01-31 08:39:59 UTC  

I heard ppl also hated the 5.56 because it only got 21rnds in a mag

2017-01-31 08:40:08 UTC  

So might as well use an m4

2017-01-31 08:40:47 UTC  

No wasn't the scar outfitted with a diff mag

2017-01-31 08:40:51 UTC  

That was my point

2017-01-31 08:41:00 UTC  

It had 12s and 21s

2017-01-31 08:42:28 UTC  

I'm sad the xm8 never took off it looked awesome

2017-01-31 08:44:53 UTC  

Is wasting sand niggers with an m2 satisfying

2017-01-31 08:45:05 UTC  

I imagine it'd be a riot

2017-01-31 08:46:39 UTC  

Dude being on the end of the strobe is aids

2017-01-31 08:46:53 UTC  

My friends and I used to strobe each other with torches we had

2017-01-31 08:46:59 UTC  

Fucking deer in the headlights