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2017-02-07 02:25:19 UTC  

Oi myne did you hear about me turning down a woman in Argentina chat
I figured I'd whack it in to rustle ye

2017-02-07 02:25:38 UTC  

I didn't turn down a fashy woman to be clear

2017-02-07 02:25:52 UTC  

I posted the story in the chat*

2017-02-07 02:26:18 UTC  

nope didnt see it

2017-02-07 02:26:45 UTC  

Mayb I voice it later tonight

2017-02-07 02:26:51 UTC  

Wasn't too autistic

2017-02-07 02:27:02 UTC  

I just asserted myself as a wizard

2017-02-07 02:28:11 UTC  

This wasn't the pigeon story again, was it?

2017-02-07 02:28:15 UTC  


2017-02-07 02:28:15 UTC  

I'm still mad about that btw

2017-02-07 02:28:21 UTC  

This was yesterday

2017-02-07 02:28:27 UTC  

I was in dropping stuff off

2017-02-07 02:28:48 UTC  

Brb 15 min everyone try to not get bored without me

2017-02-07 02:32:19 UTC  

@everyone come enjoy our mic-cuck-free voice chat

2017-02-07 02:32:49 UTC

2017-02-07 02:34:06 UTC  

The shit on the street will be used as a renewable energy source

2017-02-07 02:37:34 UTC  

whoop whoop

2017-02-07 02:39:17 UTC  

I'll shut the door

2017-02-07 02:39:31 UTC  

Make Cali great again

2017-02-07 02:40:53 UTC

2017-02-07 02:42:00 UTC

2017-02-07 02:42:45 UTC  

Its statement: I am gross. Kill me.

2017-02-07 02:42:52 UTC  

Powerful Statement: "I've only got 20 years left to live, and I only moved out of my parents house three years ago"

2017-02-07 02:43:06 UTC  


2017-02-07 02:43:22 UTC  

Oven please

2017-02-07 02:43:57 UTC

2017-02-07 02:44:02 UTC  

Mike “Deus Volt” Pence
Mike “LGBT BBQ+” Pence
Mike "The Fagzapper" Pence
Mike “Like A Trap? Get the Zap” Pence
Mike "AC/DC if you like the LGBT" Pence
Mike “He Gets Lit Till He Likes Tits” Pence
Mike "Electrocution Is The Solution" Pence
Mike "Putting Faradays In The Gays" Pence
Mike "Turning Fruits into Vegetables" Pence
Mike "Suck A Cock You Get Shocked” Pence
Mike "Like The Cock, Feel The Shock" Pence
Mike "Blast The Gays With Tesla Rays" Pence
Mike “Feel The Itch? I’ll Flip The Switch” Pence
Mike "Turning Fruitcakes Into Vegetables" Pence
Mike “One Watt for Every Impure Though” Pence
Mike "Like it in the crapper, get the zapper" Pence
Mike "If You Like Men The Dial Goes To Ten" Pence
Mike “If You Like Butt,I’ll Make You Conduct” Pence
Mike "Trail of Tears, but this time for the queers" Pence
Mike “There’s Only Fear If You Like It In The Rear” Pence
Mike "Turn Up The Meter Till He Doesn't Like Peter" Pence
Mike “Want to Get Pounded? Please Stay Grounded” Pence
Mike “If You Won’t Date Her, I’m Flipping’ The Breaker” Pence
Mike “Man Wants A Penetrator, I’ll Start The Generator” Pence

2017-02-07 02:44:40 UTC  

>think crust

2017-02-07 02:44:45 UTC  


2017-02-07 02:45:39 UTC

2017-02-07 02:47:42 UTC  

who here just found the girl they were courting who is beautiful and loving is also bipolar and has a child she doesnt even know in another country

2017-02-07 02:47:45 UTC  

someone kill me pls

2017-02-07 02:48:53 UTC  

@c6%G kinda know the feel brah

2017-02-07 02:49:13 UTC  

the back rub girl didnt go well?

2017-02-07 02:49:14 UTC  


2017-02-07 02:49:48 UTC  

Small but really gorgeous

2017-02-07 02:56:01 UTC  

Ok don't panic I'm back

2017-02-07 02:56:10 UTC  
2017-02-07 02:56:28 UTC  

I was literally just talking about O&A