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2017-02-08 01:20:36 UTC  

which song ken

2017-02-08 01:20:48 UTC  

Saga - Patriots Call

2017-02-08 01:21:00 UTC  

Specifically for that line "We'll not be beaten a true European..."

2017-02-08 01:21:22 UTC  

Or "They don't belong here with their alien ideas."

2017-02-08 01:29:27 UTC  

Also Exodus gets a mention.

2017-02-08 01:31:17 UTC  

"The third value hidden within a group of men to survive is the drive self-assertion. Exodus Americanus titles this as "Will to power brah" and they are correct.

2017-02-08 01:32:15 UTC  

I am very prepared for your retarded fans to take offense and spam the comments, no need to worry.

2017-02-08 01:47:34 UTC  

Which one of you was this

2017-02-08 01:57:34 UTC  

Rumors of bannon banging melania SNL with Rosie ?

2017-02-08 02:11:41 UTC  


2017-02-08 02:11:51 UTC  

is SNL seriously pulling that shit

2017-02-08 02:11:55 UTC  


2017-02-08 02:17:48 UTC  

Rumors, so don't quote me.

2017-02-08 02:18:11 UTC  

But yeah man if they pull that shit maybe trump has the ammo to make libel etc. strict again

2017-02-08 02:18:22 UTC  

Ever since that potato nog undid it

2017-02-08 02:18:42 UTC  

I really like Doolittle's realpolitik

2017-02-08 02:18:54 UTC  

That's one of the first steps he outlines

2017-02-08 02:18:58 UTC  

Make lying illegal

2017-02-08 02:57:12 UTC  

i hope they run with t

2017-02-08 02:57:38 UTC  

trump voters need to stay angry

2017-02-08 03:17:39 UTC

2017-02-08 03:17:52 UTC  

these jews move fast

2017-02-08 03:21:11 UTC  

Hahaha liberals go broke

2017-02-08 03:50:39 UTC  

That's the same idea as rats that press a button to receive some sort of stimuli. Actually, makes a lot of sense that it would work the same way on liberals

2017-02-08 04:07:37 UTC  

Countdown to "I d'nated all my gibs to the aclu now I'm going to starve" gofundmes.

2017-02-08 04:42:47 UTC  

we should start a few...

2017-02-08 04:43:09 UTC  

I wonder about the intersectionality of gofundme and the law against fraud... hmmm

2017-02-08 04:52:11 UTC  


2017-02-08 05:59:13 UTC  

Twitter now officially sucks...

2017-02-08 05:59:18 UTC  

It's a dead format for us

2017-02-08 06:03:45 UTC  

Is it now?

2017-02-08 06:03:51 UTC  
2017-02-08 08:07:39 UTC

Afraid and full of rage, they lashed out at each other

2017-02-08 08:19:43 UTC  

Tariq Nasheeit is an idiot and probably going to be one of the people who divides the DNC even further

2017-02-08 08:30:50 UTC  

Perhaps I can be of assistance in healing this divide between our black and brown brothers

2017-02-08 09:14:29 UTC

2017-02-08 09:15:03 UTC  

Zorost that troll video with the guy saying nigger next to the girl was on fire

2017-02-08 09:26:36 UTC  

It was pretty funny. I don't even know the context of it

2017-02-08 11:12:15 UTC  

Any cunts want to have a chinwag? Argentina is too high volume

2017-02-08 11:15:20 UTC  

@everyone to get attention poof