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2017-02-13 19:35:33 UTC  

thats where i got all my job experience and by the end i was basically working just and hard and on as many projects as full timers

2017-02-13 19:35:39 UTC  

leaves a really good impression

2017-02-13 19:35:53 UTC  

ESPECIALLY if your coworkers are lazy fags

2017-02-13 19:41:02 UTC  

Alright I'll look into that, thanks

2017-02-13 20:26:50 UTC  

And look up alumni who are in decent careers and see how they got there whether it was on campus recruiting, old fashioned networking or what

2017-02-13 20:27:49 UTC  

yeah, definitely check out any on campus job events (my brain is blanking on w hat theyre called)

2017-02-13 20:28:16 UTC  

Career fairs

2017-02-13 20:28:21 UTC  

thats it

2017-02-13 20:29:13 UTC  

they give out cool shit sometimes too, i got a really nice/fancy water bottle that retails for about $30 from one

2017-02-13 20:29:23 UTC  

because it had their logo on it

2017-02-13 20:30:12 UTC  

Oh that's cool. Yea I'll look into them

2017-02-13 20:48:43 UTC  

@JohnnyMonoxide Any suplexes?

2017-02-13 20:51:15 UTC  

They save that for Grad School.

2017-02-13 20:52:40 UTC  


2017-02-13 20:56:43 UTC  

Yeah, I mean anyone can LEARN these advanced forms, but generally in an academic setting they save the more dramatic moves for graduate school, after you've mastered a basic understanding.

2017-02-13 20:57:14 UTC  

It's kind of like a Master Electrician that's specially trained in his field vs someone who has a more rounded education. One guy goes straight for what he's after the other takes a longer time in the classroom to do it.

2017-02-13 21:25:36 UTC  

German suplexes are quite dramatic

2017-02-13 21:40:38 UTC  

Years of study

2017-02-13 22:12:49 UTC  

Leaving the whole nazi super villain thing, Wolfenstein the New Order is still a fun game. Like a summer blockbuster. I busted it out getting bored

2017-02-13 22:14:12 UTC  

Never played it sounds fun

2017-02-13 22:14:22 UTC  

I liked cod mdw

2017-02-13 22:14:31 UTC  

It's very much the same experience as the original Doom or Wolfenstein. Just straight shot 'em up

2017-02-13 22:15:16 UTC  

So macho and over the top. I remember saying "It's like they plucked the guys out of 1990 and said "here is all this fancy tech make the game the way you dreamed of it,""

2017-02-13 22:18:19 UTC  


2017-02-13 22:23:21 UTC  

Dunno if you'll get a chance to play the latest Doom game @Asgardian117 if you like action packed shoot 'em ups you'd like it. Like COD multiplayer but single player mode

2017-02-13 22:24:54 UTC  

I like story mode better so I'll probably like it

2017-02-13 22:26:15 UTC  

Well if you like Nazi B-Movies you'd love the latest Wolfenstein

2017-02-13 22:26:53 UTC  


2017-02-13 22:46:07 UTC  

Looking for things to give up for lent. Any ideas?

2017-02-13 22:46:55 UTC  

Vidya games

2017-02-13 22:47:41 UTC  

Anyone want to voice chat

2017-02-13 22:50:31 UTC  


2017-02-13 22:50:39 UTC  

that isn't enough i only play like an hour or two a week

2017-02-13 23:00:40 UTC  

@TheDriver Com Sci and finance is lucrative as fuck dude. You're fine. I left investment banking trading because I didn't have com sci

2017-02-13 23:01:48 UTC  

I just did a major in Econ w a focus in trade and finance. If you don't have com sci in trading, you will be out of a job in 5-10 yrs

2017-02-13 23:10:42 UTC  

really? why the 5=10 year job limit?

2017-02-13 23:12:07 UTC  

@TheDriver I did CS / quant finance AMA

2017-02-13 23:13:04 UTC  

Can confirm, pays well. Also yeah traders proper are just managing black boxes largely nowadays

2017-02-13 23:13:15 UTC  

At least in any reasonably liquid market

2017-02-13 23:15:45 UTC  

I would suggest focusing your CS studies on machine learning, and also doing statistics instead of finance if it's not too late

2017-02-13 23:15:51 UTC  

nobody actually cares if you know finance