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any articles?

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behead those who insult the Dingos

2017-02-16 23:01:49 UTC  

Trump raped the press today holy fuck

2017-02-16 23:08:31 UTC  

>One Buzzfeed article
>Media blow-up
Pick one.

2017-02-16 23:11:15 UTC  

That is some awesome promo work for the show

2017-02-16 23:11:56 UTC  

Just helped a good goy land a 6 figure job. Feels good man.

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2017-02-16 23:12:40 UTC  

That's the spirit!

2017-02-16 23:16:40 UTC  

Now he can start the family that he so desperately wants with his wife, I'm so happy for him. He will be working with me....I do however have to talk to him about his power level at work

2017-02-16 23:21:04 UTC  

Buzzfeed picks it up first

2017-02-16 23:21:09 UTC  

then the rest will come

2017-02-16 23:21:22 UTC  

A bad goy I know is looking for a new American news podcast a la FTN to listen to? Any ideas? I mentioned The Krypto Report.

2017-02-16 23:39:10 UTC  

Salting the Earth

2017-02-16 23:41:54 UTC  

What happened to the krypto report on twitter? Shoa?

2017-02-17 00:09:39 UTC  

i think the reactionary report is pretty good

2017-02-17 00:17:39 UTC  

yeah Azzmador finds it necessary to be a troll no matter what

2017-02-17 00:22:14 UTC  

And an update for all the Salting the Earth listeners; I'm now pretty sure the girl in the room above mine is a Jewess

2017-02-17 00:23:41 UTC  

do you hear a lot of echos?

2017-02-17 00:24:00 UTC  

Reactionary Report is pretty good. I'm salty they made it onto TRS after 3 episodes. My sound qaulity has been better than there's since week 8. They do deserve it though because their content is good

2017-02-17 00:25:27 UTC  

Nah first I had been thinking about it earlier and then realized every other person I know that drives a VW is a kike and then I looked her up on FB and gave her facial features a really good look, I never noticed before because you can only tell from certain angles but she definitely has the nose

2017-02-17 00:26:48 UTC  

The whole time I was looking at her pictures on FB I was lol'ing. I've been blasting all the podcasts I listen to cranked up pretty loud the whole time I've lived here.

2017-02-17 00:33:43 UTC  

do jews drive VWs because of their nazi obession?

2017-02-17 00:40:54 UTC  

probably, I always thought it was really fucking wierd

2017-02-17 00:41:14 UTC  

It's the only kind of car I've ever seen a star of david on

2017-02-17 00:41:22 UTC  

And I've seen several

2017-02-17 00:43:18 UTC  

your etalking about a VW beetle yeah?

2017-02-17 00:46:12 UTC  

They drive them to rub it in our faces.

2017-02-17 00:55:39 UTC  

Just got done working out 🏋🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️

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2017-02-17 01:04:10 UTC  

I've seen one Beetle and I have no idea how many Jettas with stars of David on them, and the only Jetta I've ever seen without one is owned by a friend who probably doesn't follow me on twitter anymore, because he has to go back.

2017-02-17 01:06:20 UTC  

I had a Jetta once

2017-02-17 01:06:23 UTC  

My sister used to drive a Beetle.

2017-02-17 01:06:55 UTC  

oy vey!

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2017-02-17 01:20:11 UTC  

Ive been driving a Jetta TDI Sportwagon

2017-02-17 01:20:26 UTC  

It's a great car. The mileage is superb.