Message from D'Marcus Liebowitz in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-02-19 00:25:51 UTC  

We have to use and still can be very successful with it

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2017-02-19 00:34:24 UTC  

It's paramount to reestablish our presence there we don't have amnesty of political affiliation......yet.

2017-02-19 00:36:44 UTC  

Fuck it

2017-02-19 00:44:58 UTC  

What's up goys?

2017-02-19 00:46:26 UTC  

Then WUT do?

2017-02-19 00:46:54 UTC  

Burn twitter down as insane black nationalists.

2017-02-19 00:47:11 UTC  

Of course that will require a VPN for most of us now.

2017-02-19 00:47:15 UTC  

That would be pretty funny

2017-02-19 00:48:43 UTC  

They kind of got us for now, but once they ban enough E celeb Trump supporters it's going to die off provided gab ever gets their shit together and makes an app.

2017-02-19 00:56:00 UTC  

We have to circumvent the verbiage they are looking for u don't have to name the Jew to actually name the Jew.

2017-02-19 01:09:32 UTC  

Code words that are weight lifting terms. The neetts will learn more about lifting and we can communicate in secret.

2017-02-19 01:20:04 UTC  

Lol...u have to leave bread crumbs. They weren't ready for our initial onslaught, now they are.

2017-02-19 01:44:43 UTC  

Are they wise to "skypes?"

2017-02-19 01:45:29 UTC  

I like Ken's idea to make the NEETs learn lifting terms.

2017-02-19 01:54:25 UTC  

Right, then I'd know what the heck you guys are on about.

2017-02-19 01:56:45 UTC  

U can't directly refer to them anymore. You have to lead the public in the proper direction.

2017-02-19 01:56:53 UTC  

Not even in coded language

2017-02-19 02:42:20 UTC  

OK so apparantly self doxxing is genetic. My kid is narrating his Skyrim gameplay (suck it meatheads) and he was giving out his full name and address when he was wrapping it up

2017-02-19 03:21:43 UTC  

@everyone ya son, I'm up in dis voice channoo son

2017-02-19 03:21:56 UTC  

aight nigga

2017-02-19 03:22:04 UTC  

dis shit gon' fill up soon enuff

2017-02-19 03:24:27 UTC  

@Hand Banana you might want to talk to him about the dangers of people online

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hal drinks a lot haha

2017-02-19 03:30:51 UTC  

He's 88% huwyte.

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loik it

2017-02-19 03:43:02 UTC  

I feel a sudden compulsion to go to a beer hall and start ranting about Jews.

2017-02-19 03:46:26 UTC  

Hello goys!