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no longer there, of course

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greenville, nc?

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but my father-in-law claims to know where it is

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The sign read: "Welcome to Greenville, The Blackest Land, The Whitest People."[12][13] The original intent behind "the whitest people" was to define "the citizens of Greenville as friendly, trustworthy and helpful was sincere, and it was meant to include all citizens, regardless of race."[13] However, the sign subsequently acquired racial overtones, and the original sign was taken down and placed into storage on April 13, 1965, possibly at the urging of Texas Governor John Connally, who had made a visit to the town weeks before.[13] In 1968, Greenville Sybil Maddux had the sign reinstalled, with the wording modified to read "The Greatest People"; the original sign is in the collection of the Audie Murphy American Cotton Museum.[

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that's why you never cuck

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it was certainly racial

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this is the only thing I drink when I rarely drink.

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I had that for the first time a few months ago

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not too shabby

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@everyone If you're online come hang in the voice chat 😁

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@WACRx 14:35 to 14:55

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Luke...thats gonna be my second boys name

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This just made my day. Poor dirty little hippie scum

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there's another good one...I'm trying to find it on jewtube but I only have a faceberg link...

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lol here it is

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in the first 30 seconds

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Breaking: Antifa fecal matter, aka Yvette Felarca is getting some justice.

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first impression: dumbest thing I've ever heard...second impression, could prevent working class jobs going to robots...I'll read the full thing in a few minutes

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the second was the first thing I thought.

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Brave new books?

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read the article

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conclusion: gas the robots, automaton war now!

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seems strange coming from Bill Gates, though

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he needs to stop helping niggers survive.