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2017-02-23 02:03:34 UTC  

Build hurting bombs

2017-02-23 02:03:51 UTC  

Anti Nigger Artillery

2017-02-23 02:04:50 UTC  

Tfw my sternum sticks out when I flex my abs

2017-02-23 02:04:51 UTC  

@Gray That's true, but I have this perscription of Vyvanse and Adderall so I'm never really hungry. I've gotta eat on schedule, not on hunger.

2017-02-23 02:05:07 UTC  

Every 2 hours

2017-02-23 02:05:49 UTC  

Come to think of it, lent is next week so I gotta break out my homebrew vegan protien mix.

2017-02-23 02:05:58 UTC  

I start my day off with a bacon egg and cheese

2017-02-23 02:06:10 UTC  

Extra bacon

2017-02-23 02:06:10 UTC  

Vegan protein is just dried plant cum

2017-02-23 02:06:18 UTC  

Fuck!! Lol

2017-02-23 02:06:25 UTC  

I made my own mix

2017-02-23 02:08:11 UTC  

Meat loaf for lunch

2017-02-23 02:09:20 UTC

2017-02-23 02:09:34 UTC  

@Nikephoros The best thing I've found to build forearms is doing as many things as possible in the farmer carry with dumb bells

2017-02-23 02:10:58 UTC  

step ups, lunges, etc. also doing farmer walks as heavy as possible (AHAP) for a set distance or as far as possible with a set weight

2017-02-23 02:11:39 UTC  

farmer carry: holding dumb bells at your side as opposed to a bar on your back

2017-02-23 02:12:12 UTC  

That is pretty good. I found my arms looked the best when I was working in a restaurant as a busboy. Lifting that tub of dishes really made my forearms develop some nice definition.

2017-02-23 02:13:12 UTC  

Nothing substitutes a jack hammee

2017-02-23 02:13:14 UTC  


2017-02-23 02:16:39 UTC  

@Asgardian117 On the diet part, if you knew you would not be able to have meat or dairy for 40 days, what would you do to avoid any problems?

2017-02-23 02:17:27 UTC  

Oh jeez, I'll be honest @Nikephoros Idk man I'd be in trouble tbh

2017-02-23 02:18:40 UTC  

Damn. Well, I'll stick to my mix and see if still have any liquid Amino Acid left.

2017-02-23 02:18:47 UTC  


2017-02-23 02:18:50 UTC  

no meat or dairy for 40 days?

2017-02-23 02:18:57 UTC  

fuck that. That's unhealthy

2017-02-23 02:19:06 UTC  

That's Orthodox Lent for you.

2017-02-23 02:19:26 UTC  

The fuck?

2017-02-23 02:19:45 UTC  

Is normal.

2017-02-23 02:19:50 UTC  

They take Lent quite seriously.

2017-02-23 02:20:06 UTC  

I mean, most people do, but it's also rooted in tradition of the Church suffering under invasion if I recall correctly.

2017-02-23 02:21:08 UTC  

That true. Sometimes, if Ottomans keep stealing animals from your farm, the whole village abstaining from meat for over a month makes the herd last longer.

2017-02-23 02:22:07 UTC  

As incredibly unhealthy as that dietary protocol is for every population with the exception of a handful of Asians and probably the Ashekenasi Jews, I seriously doubt...well, I'm not going to be that guy today. You can probably guess where I'm going with this

2017-02-23 02:22:43 UTC  

Shellfish are still fair game

2017-02-23 02:22:46 UTC  

The point is to suffer the effects though, to remind you of things you may take for granted.

2017-02-23 02:23:08 UTC  

Fuck that

2017-02-23 02:23:41 UTC  

I'm not even sure 320 days is enough time for anyone over 30 to fully recover from the effects

2017-02-23 02:23:45 UTC  

What's up goyim

2017-02-23 02:24:32 UTC  

And shellfish being fair game wouldn't do me much good, considering I'm allergic to them

2017-02-23 02:25:31 UTC  

@Caerulus_Rex See, you say that and yet the monks on Mt. Athos, the guys who stick to this diet in the most strict way possible, have the longest lifespans out of anyone in Europe.

2017-02-23 02:26:18 UTC  

And its not like they don't spend their daily lives doing hard labor like farming

2017-02-23 02:27:35 UTC  

Long term goals gentlemen....