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2017-02-23 21:17:35 UTC  

I was just having this discussion with a friend of mine. He's down right distraught about the state of the dating scene

2017-02-23 21:18:37 UTC  

Sorry, im not interested in a relationship where i play preschool teacher - there is a level of intelligence disconnect where it just becomes painful

2017-02-23 21:19:16 UTC  

Then you're probably going to have to settle for less on the attractiveness scale

2017-02-23 21:19:33 UTC  

That being said, it seems as if it is a horseshoe spectrum - below a certain level folks arent so self conscious about that and more pleasant to be around

2017-02-23 21:20:03 UTC  

The same thing people notice with the mulatto SJWs

2017-02-23 21:20:43 UTC  

I sympathize with your situation it must be hard when most girls you meet are 2 standard deviations under you in IQ

2017-02-23 21:20:48 UTC  

I wouldn't know

2017-02-23 21:20:50 UTC  

I didn't say hot - i said in shape - there is a difference. One can be helped

2017-02-23 21:21:25 UTC  

Luckly, LA seems to have that advantage

2017-02-23 21:22:51 UTC  

That sounds way too harsh/arrogant - what i mean is that to have similar interests, not even to mention children that would follow in similar interests/fields, some bimbo isnt going to work

2017-02-23 21:23:27 UTC  

Thank you for the insight

2017-02-23 21:23:42 UTC  

Good luck man, sincerely

2017-02-23 21:28:44 UTC  

At least theres an engrained fitness culture in SoCal, at least thats my tourist take.

2017-02-23 21:30:41 UTC  

@everyone voice nao

2017-02-23 21:31:24 UTC  

*suppresses notifications*

2017-02-23 21:40:34 UTC  

@Brad's mobile yo dude stop spamming everyone. Use here if you are going to try to get people's attention. Also you live in a time zone that is totally different than everyone else who is mostly working or whatever the fuck euros are doing right now.

2017-02-23 22:01:07 UTC  

nobody has time to chat during real dingo hours

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Wat cunt

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Pic related ^

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Yeah eli is in the wrong discord if he hates notifications

2017-02-23 22:16:48 UTC  

I like notifications they make me happy

2017-02-23 22:21:50 UTC  

Out of 100-120 notifications you might get 2 or 3 mentions in the morning smdh

2017-02-23 22:26:12 UTC  

Hes a seppo and from the north east being angry is a way of life for them

2017-02-23 22:29:29 UTC  

can confirm

2017-02-23 22:30:57 UTC  

Womp womp womp

2017-02-23 22:38:44 UTC  

@negronaut I'm in SF, I feel your dating pain.

2017-02-23 22:38:56 UTC  

I've given up until I get out of here, it's a futile effort.

2017-02-23 23:05:28 UTC  

Being angry is what makes me happy

2017-02-23 23:05:50 UTC  

Its a wasted day if I didn't yell at at least one person

2017-02-23 23:44:46 UTC  

As a Minnesotan to all Leaves, I'm sorry about the Somalis, but we didn't really want them in the first place.

2017-02-23 23:59:03 UTC  

I'm in the middle of a 45 min conversation with a Muslim chief editor from Breitbart

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tell that cunt to debate spencer

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and stream it on breitbart

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