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2017-02-24 23:33:20 UTC  

You kidds

2017-02-24 23:33:32 UTC  

@88showers I'm a huge big band, 40's fan

2017-02-24 23:34:01 UTC  

"i saw the light of ray, but remember the days of my life. when the music plays, in your fantasy. In the moonlight time, I remember the games of my life"

2017-02-24 23:34:01 UTC  

I start to drop off around the war years

2017-02-24 23:34:12 UTC  

tfw im only 25 and a lil kid

2017-02-24 23:34:19 UTC  

20-30s is where it's at

2017-02-24 23:34:34 UTC  

@D'Marcus Liebowitz Didn't you send the fatherland a bunch of swing songs that they haven't used?

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2017-02-24 23:34:58 UTC  

@☇Unlimited Power☇ listen to the current

2017-02-24 23:35:01 UTC  

That was me

2017-02-24 23:35:03 UTC  

@88showers tell me this isn't a beautiful song:

2017-02-24 23:35:09 UTC  

Tfw your dad texts you and asks what the alt left is. Face palm.

2017-02-24 23:35:15 UTC  

Jim and I were shitposting for a ehile

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2017-02-24 23:35:20 UTC  

Was a lot of fun

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2017-02-24 23:35:39 UTC  

That must suck Eli

2017-02-24 23:36:12 UTC  

Fucking Hanity

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2017-02-24 23:36:20 UTC  

@D'Marcus Liebowitz that war jazz is just a little late for me

2017-02-24 23:36:28 UTC  

There's a particular sound

2017-02-24 23:36:46 UTC  

@Eli Mosley what about Hannity?

2017-02-24 23:36:49 UTC  

And the war jazz is just a bit old fart in my opinion

2017-02-24 23:37:13 UTC  

idk if thisll appeal to yall but this nigga one of my favorite people of all time

2017-02-24 23:37:59 UTC  

Before the 50s all my music taste is classical music.

2017-02-24 23:38:22 UTC  

He uses the term "alt left" every god damned night. I asked my dad where it came from and he said hanity talks about it. I've heard him use it. In this example, my dad said that I heard someone from the alt left was handing out Russian trump flags at cpac. He heard Richard was there though which is great.

2017-02-24 23:38:50 UTC  

alt left is just antifa right?

2017-02-24 23:40:39 UTC  

I've seen Hanity use it to describe everything from SJWs/Bernie supporters to antifa to any left news site that isn't main stream like a Salon or something. It's a pretty frustrating meme. My dad also said he heard that guy's speech on that alt right and he "didn't understand why the guy was lying about you guys (us)"

2017-02-24 23:41:03 UTC  

your dad sounds like a cool guy

2017-02-24 23:42:45 UTC  

He is redpilled on Puerto Rican's and blacks but he is a Christcuck who loves Jews. I've been working on it for awhile but he still gives NAXALT.

2017-02-24 23:43:30 UTC  

I'm sitting here at the bar waiting for this girl to get here for a date right now and people are talking about Spencer across the bar lol.

2017-02-24 23:43:41 UTC  

@Eli Mosley Check out the documentary Marching To Zion, it obliterates Christian Zionism

2017-02-24 23:43:46 UTC  

hell yeah

2017-02-24 23:43:50 UTC  

pastor anderson is incredible

2017-02-24 23:43:53 UTC  

Yep I've shown it to him

2017-02-24 23:45:27 UTC  

Keep working on him, a huge key is also destroying evangelicuck dispensationalist theology & the pre-trib rapture

2017-02-24 23:47:14 UTC  

I've been arguing that he/my mom are literally fulfilling the antichrist and reformation of the Tower of Babel for awhile as well. Those who call themselves Jews but are the synagogue of Satan and all that stuff. He's 54 so it's just harder.

2017-02-24 23:49:28 UTC  

Alright signing off for now. Preparing to hide all power levels for as long as possible. Maybe this chick won't leave midway because she brought up the "racist wall" and I said I'd like to throw them over. I'll be on after that though, gonna get some real drinking hours tonight.

2017-02-24 23:50:45 UTC