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2017-03-06 07:30:16 UTC

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This has to be my most used image on Twitter

2017-03-06 11:52:32 UTC  

Dmarcus is a big dork

2017-03-06 11:59:16 UTC  
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2017-03-06 19:23:12 UTC  

he was rice digging before any of this shit went down

2017-03-06 21:05:33 UTC  

Is Jihad Dib white

2017-03-06 21:33:50 UTC  

@D'Marcus Liebowitz can we invite my co-host Cathy please?

2017-03-06 21:34:23 UTC  


2017-03-06 22:13:53 UTC  

@everyone ya nigguz git up n dis herr voice chat

2017-03-06 22:14:26 UTC  

NiguR it's 10PM 4 me. I go to sleep now. Sorry fam

2017-03-06 22:15:11 UTC  

also this

2017-03-06 22:15:21 UTC  

@GFS (national League North) did the invite i gave you work for Cathy?

2017-03-06 22:24:00 UTC  

Apparently, based stick man is married to an Asian

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2017-03-06 22:24:25 UTC  

He was still pretty ballsy for smacking down antifa cunts

2017-03-06 22:24:28 UTC  

Not worth it to spiral on the guy, I'll stick up for someone who protected people on the right

2017-03-06 22:24:40 UTC  

We have the world we have, not the one we want

2017-03-06 22:24:43 UTC  

I kid

2017-03-06 22:25:11 UTC  

Watching the video over again just makes me want to form a right wing swordnboard squad

2017-03-06 22:25:29 UTC  

Right wing stick squad

2017-03-06 22:26:37 UTC  

I remember threads on /pol/ during the antifa attacks against trump rallies of people talking about the best way to protect them, the police certainly weren't doing it. People were talking about getting a bunch of guys with sword and bat to form a protective line around the trump supporters and just doing the police's job for them

2017-03-06 22:27:09 UTC  

You know when the police stand in defensive lines? It'll be like that but with a bunch of NEETS wearing panties on their head and carrying shit stained bats

2017-03-06 22:27:10 UTC  

First the couple with the Confederate flag, now the hero speaking softly with a big stick. Who's next?

2017-03-06 22:27:35 UTC  

and shields with their favourite waifu on as a coat of arms.

2017-03-06 22:29:44 UTC