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2017-03-07 04:14:21 UTC  

Jazzhands I think you're sort of an alright guy and it wasn't entirely terrible having you on my show or meeting you IRL. I suppose you'd have a place in the ethnostate

2017-03-07 04:14:33 UTC  

I think of ways to hit myself in the head to damage my memory so I can forget FTN existed because its absecense is too much for me to handle

2017-03-07 04:15:20 UTC  

Sorry I wanted to balance out the hero worship

2017-03-07 04:15:22 UTC  

Alright relax. It was a good show but let's not get carried away :^)

2017-03-07 04:15:47 UTC  

@D'Marcus Liebowitz you're not so bad yourself, for a nigger

2017-03-07 04:16:02 UTC  

NiggKike*, please respect my intersectionality

2017-03-07 04:17:27 UTC  

@SwiFT we will be back this fall. If you're going to feel sad about anything, one neat trick to cheer yourself up is to just remember you could always be @wyatt

2017-03-07 04:17:48 UTC  

@WACRx let's get carried away

2017-03-07 04:18:25 UTC  

Hope you guys do what's best for your lives, but I believe you and Halbastram were on the cusp of becoming something really big and transcending TRS

2017-03-07 04:18:36 UTC  


2017-03-07 04:18:52 UTC  

jazz stop

2017-03-07 04:18:53 UTC  

holy shit

2017-03-07 04:19:13 UTC  

how's that for a whitepill, mr. blackpill?

2017-03-07 04:19:32 UTC  

i talk to jazz all the time he is bullying me to fit in dont believe the lies

2017-03-07 04:19:32 UTC  

BTW, what's the best way to tell a presumtive waifu you're a Fascist? Asking for a friend

2017-03-07 04:19:33 UTC  

@wyatt say pls

2017-03-07 04:19:54 UTC  

^young huwhites rss link

2017-03-07 04:19:55 UTC  

1) get her pregnant

2) tell her you're a fascist

2017-03-07 04:20:10 UTC  

Not trying to fanboy too much but I really can't express how much I loved FTN. You are a really talented radio host and your show helped me understand a lot about politics

2017-03-07 04:20:44 UTC  

@HeliRidesOfPeace just tell her. When my fiancé was reading the stuff about Mike being a nazi, she was like, "the only thing Hitler did wrong was he didn't finish the job."

2017-03-07 04:20:45 UTC  

Shit, Jazzy! Wazzup! No fanboi, BTW

2017-03-07 04:20:59 UTC  

LOL, that's awesome.

2017-03-07 04:21:10 UTC  

@SwiFT you didn't lick my taint quite this much when you were telling me how much you loved IAR. I feel hurt

2017-03-07 04:21:15 UTC  

Loved fash the nation @Jazzhands McFeels

2017-03-07 04:21:50 UTC  
2017-03-07 04:22:19 UTC  

Also this is great news about the show @Jazzhands McFeels is this on the DL though?

2017-03-07 04:22:43 UTC  

@Jazzhands McFeels It's o.k., 90% of the compliments for my show were either my lowbrow impressions of niggers or Ken's epic monologues

2017-03-07 04:22:55 UTC  

were for*

2017-03-07 04:22:57 UTC  

@D'Marcus Liebowitz Did you guys have an episode with Andrew Anglin on? First time I remember hearing "Yo this is D'Marcus LIIEEEEEEBOWITZ" was some podcast that had Anglin on.

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2017-03-07 04:23:08 UTC  

trump just stuck his cock in the norks ear

2017-03-07 04:23:15 UTC  

The guy you had on to assist the Jim Goad interview was pretty good D Marc

2017-03-07 04:23:30 UTC  

@SwiFT much appreciated. The hiatus definitely wasn't planned, but we do have some life shit to sort out in the meantime. I'm getting married in August, among other things, so that's why we are targeting this fall. We also want to see where the chips start to fall with Trump.

2017-03-07 04:23:35 UTC  

@SwiFT I went on several Daily Stormer live shows. Also had Anglin and @Jazzhands McFeels on one episode

2017-03-07 04:23:41 UTC  

Jim Goad's a great dude. I remember reading Redneck Manifesto and learning a lot back 10 years ago almost

2017-03-07 04:23:49 UTC  

yeah you were good on that episode @WACRx

2017-03-07 04:24:02 UTC  

lol holy shit trump actually put THAAD batteries in SK

2017-03-07 04:24:14 UTC  

@HeliRidesOfPeace it's not really DL, but nothing is set in stone yet. So we will see.