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2017-03-07 04:32:57 UTC  

Good video Ordo. I know that guy. South African fellow

2017-03-07 04:33:00 UTC  

Points based would just flood the country with chinese

2017-03-07 04:33:14 UTC  

oh really?

2017-03-07 04:33:16 UTC  

It's a major improvement to the "diversity quota" that effectively makes it impossible for Europeans to immigrate here

2017-03-07 04:33:23 UTC  

ya huge improvement

2017-03-07 04:33:28 UTC  

yeah Ive been listening to his stuff for a few weeks, seems like a smart guy

2017-03-07 04:33:40 UTC  

I can't stand Asians, but Asians > Niggs/Spics/Muslims

2017-03-07 04:33:51 UTC  

he deserves more views

2017-03-07 04:33:57 UTC  

Orientals also have far lower birthrates than whites or any of those other minority groups

2017-03-07 04:33:58 UTC  

Question for @Jazzhands McFeels, do ya think anything can happen refugeewise for the South Afrikaaners since the gov't there is fucking with them or do ya think RaHoWa starts there soon?

2017-03-07 04:34:12 UTC  

It has to be combined with other pro white measure to be effective

2017-03-07 04:34:34 UTC  

Yeah @Jazzhands McFeels you're right. Trump mentioned some book called "Green Card Warrior" which sounded gay as fuck. So that had me worried.

2017-03-07 04:34:36 UTC  

Well since we now know that Steve Bannon is a big fan of this book, let's hope Bannon and Miller keep their power over Trump's policies.

2017-03-07 04:34:46 UTC  

@Jazzhands McFeels nigguh jus git in da chat unless u hidin power levelz from the family or sumpin

2017-03-07 04:34:50 UTC  

@HeliRidesOfPeace no idea fam, I hope to god that's on someone radar

2017-03-07 04:35:07 UTC  

@D'Marcus Liebowitz nah dude I'm multitasking

2017-03-07 04:35:29 UTC  

I want to see rand paul and freinds bully paul ryan into suicide for his shitty healthcare bill

2017-03-07 04:35:39 UTC  

I hope Trump's paying attention at least. Ya feel horrible enough for the white families down there and now they're having more land being taken away from them for nothing

2017-03-07 04:35:57 UTC  

I'll hope in there tomorrow when I'm on my ride home from work

2017-03-07 04:36:41 UTC  

@HeliRidesOfPeace it's time to go to war

2017-03-07 04:37:02 UTC  

Maybe dump some ammo in the squatters camps

2017-03-07 04:37:49 UTC  

Camp of the Saints is about how Europe and the rest of Western Civilization is ruined by just one country cracking the door to the third world hordes

2017-03-07 04:37:56 UTC  

It's a novel

2017-03-07 04:38:12 UTC  

It's a great book

2017-03-07 04:38:17 UTC  

Should be required readinf

2017-03-07 04:38:24 UTC  

Written in 1973, right? My folks used to have it on their bookshelves back in the day

2017-03-07 04:38:38 UTC  

That Bannon has referenced it not just once, but like a dozen times, is very whitepilling

2017-03-07 04:38:43 UTC  


2017-03-07 04:39:12 UTC  

Whoa a living legend is here

2017-03-07 04:39:31 UTC  

Dude bannon referenced fuckin Evola

2017-03-07 04:39:38 UTC  

He's on that esoteric hitlerism

2017-03-07 04:39:47 UTC  

This is just the pleb stuff he drags out when he needs mass appeal

2017-03-07 04:39:50 UTC  

@RING Yeah, Jan Lamprecht. He wrote a very eye-opening book about being a white in Africa called Government by Deception: Psychopolitics in Southern Africa. Great stuff

2017-03-07 04:40:12 UTC  

Bannon is great. I saw today things aren't going well for Rinse Penis. Maybe he'll get ousted.

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2017-03-07 04:42:13 UTC  

I want to see Ryan get booted out of his speaker's chair... i loathe him more than anyone in the GOP

2017-03-07 04:42:15 UTC  

@Jazzhands McFeels What time will you be on tomorrow? EST?