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lol is this real? did Sargon get his account hacked lol?

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That nigger looks like a Somalian alien.

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More like.... Jay Fagza, amirite?

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^Whiter Than Sargon lol

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it says white people are better than chinks

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That kid is one of us

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Spinosaurus,.. isn;t he that womanly looking MGTOW cuck kid?

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Spinosauruss is the platonic form of Internet faggot

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Eli I am going to go ahead and correct you. Be thankful I am even doing this.
1. While the losses of Ron and Rand are disheartening at the very least Republicans have gained. And so have conservatives. So thats not really an issue.
2. There is no Jewish influence in western countries. To even say something like that reeks of antisemitism. And that is not OK.
3. Old right wing lit would be The Federalist Papers and other founding documents.
4. Traditionalist/Monarchist, Fascist, and even National Socialist ideologies are purely leftist ideologies.
5. The media is a huge problem. But social media is correcting them.
6. BLM, KKK, La Raza, etc are all leftist groups. They are all militant arms of the democrat party.
7. Talking about race is a purely leftist strategy. The left constantly separates and divides based on identity. They always use identity politics. And they do so because its mentally easy. You see the left is mentally delayed and has a hard time grasping concepts such as equality. You literally just made up "identitarians".
8. The only ones using "alt-right" as a label are radical leftist. And as we know they are all scum and should be tried for treason.
9. Alex Jones, Milo, David Duke and Richard Spencer, to even try and lump them together is just stupid. Jones is a UFO conspiracist. Milo is a great guy and a true conservative. Duke is a leftist trojan horse, and knows that wherever he attaches himself will get rot from it. And Spencer nobody pays attention to.
10. Spencer's speech was because he knew the media was there. I guess sarcasm isnt your strong suite.
11. Neo-nazism is a leftist ideology.
12. The "alt-right" was literally invented by Hillary as she was lying to her crowd. She attributed things such as racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc to them. She also tried to claim that those people are taking control of the right and conservatism.

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What she was trying to do was clean the image of the left. However it's easy to see that those are attributes of the modern left. The modern left is little different than the most brutal regimes since the late 1800's. Their ideology has not changed. This is evidence clearly by their actions.

13. What the heck does milk have to do with anything?

Now that you have been corrected you need to continue educating yourself.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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just read the last line

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@Eli Mosley who wrote that? whats that from?

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The picture is a copy pasta of mine on the history of the alt right

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the text is the response i got

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lol what?

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it started because he said "the alt right isnt a real thing, its a fictional group made by hillary clinton to make right wingers look like racists"

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i cant believe how stupid of a response that is honestly

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its meme-worthy

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That dumb ass nigger with his cucky arguments. I wanna downboat it 6 gorillion times

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Someone giving their kid a bath while chatting?

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I'll be back

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The sunflower Jew

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victory in russia