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weeeeeeeeeeanus peanus

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Dammit d'marcus you're harshing my confirmation bias

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Although I suspect my own theory because.I think spics are the worstest drivers

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@Bero <:migeneral:285538426587971595>

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behead those who insult dingoes

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i wish i was a dingo

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My voice is acting up, but I got hit a couple years ago by this beaner who turned left on green. Had his nephew in the car. Driving without a license. Sued me for the kid's injury when it was his fault, but the kid wasn't hurt. He was born pigeon road and they used this as excuse. Insurance payed them a few thousand bucks to go away

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Pigeon toed*

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Fuckin Mexicans

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that sucks @Kaiser Dishelm, i thought you were saying before that spics didn't have a negative impact on what cities are dangerous to drive in, which seemed suspect to me

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shit ton of illegal drivers in a lot of cities, and they always get in accidents

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No no I suspect they're worse than blacks. But I have special resentment for illegals because they're everywhere. Blacks are easily avoidable

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I think blacks are probably slightly worse

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But that wreck was 2 years ago and I'm still getting letters from lawyers about it. Mexicans couldn't tell insurance which doctor they went to, how much it cost, etc etc. Fraud is unacceptable, but an insult when abusers don't belong here in the first place

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Honestly all non-white drivers are terrible. Asians,niggs, spics

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Good redpill for wagecucks whose souls get destroyed by commuting

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@HGWells doxed

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evil jew laugh

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Bedtime for me! Gotta catch the first flight to Chicongo in the morning for work.

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toll: paid

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@Bero how high are u

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@c6%G I think you mean "Hi, how are you?"

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@wyatt Great justice

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