Message from 88showers in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-03-08 21:04:03 UTC  

i did not know this guy wasnt black

2017-03-08 21:05:09 UTC  

It's anyone's guess atm, hopefully. Not that it would make much difference anyway

2017-03-08 21:17:46 UTC  

What was the deal with all the weed talk on the shoahs this week, did someone say something stupid to them advocating muh weed bro?

2017-03-08 21:18:32 UTC  

they mentioned it on the last episode too

2017-03-08 21:18:35 UTC  

Was McNabb being serious about his support of weed? Or am I missing something?

2017-03-08 21:18:59 UTC  

he's in the medical field so it wouldnt surprise me if he supports it

2017-03-08 21:19:26 UTC  

i dont use it but i know functioning people who do

2017-03-08 21:19:43 UTC  

Same, I'm not counter signaling I was just curious

2017-03-08 21:20:02 UTC  

Likewise, used it plenty in the past and can also say from experience that it is a complete waste of time

2017-03-08 21:20:11 UTC  

Sometimes I can't tell when people are being sarcastic or not :p

2017-03-08 21:20:23 UTC  

same, lol

2017-03-08 21:20:49 UTC  

I mean

2017-03-08 21:20:53 UTC  

it definitely has medical applications

2017-03-08 21:20:59 UTC  

but stoners are degenerate

2017-03-08 21:21:03 UTC  

We're not doing that

2017-03-08 21:21:08 UTC  

and it does actually usually lead to harder drug use

2017-03-08 21:21:28 UTC  

Anything that controls your life more than you control yourself is degenerate

2017-03-08 21:21:32 UTC  

McNabb getting triggered by Svens refusal to see a doctor really tickled me

2017-03-08 21:21:40 UTC  

I liked that

2017-03-08 21:21:49 UTC  

With less guests, hes had a chance to shine

2017-03-08 21:22:04 UTC  

We can bs about this later tonight when I have time to voicechat

2017-03-08 21:22:15 UTC  

Later goys

2017-03-08 21:22:24 UTC  

420 blaze it fam

2017-03-08 21:23:06 UTC  

@TheDriver did you write this for me?

2017-03-08 21:23:21 UTC  

And to clear any misconception over 420 donations I have made in the past

2017-03-08 21:23:36 UTC  

That's not what I mean when I do tgat

2017-03-08 21:23:45 UTC  

@c6%G yes babe 😘

2017-03-08 21:23:47 UTC  

I mean hitler

2017-03-08 21:23:47 UTC  


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2017-03-08 21:24:36 UTC  

But they always say blaze or

2017-03-08 21:24:37 UTC  


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2017-03-08 21:25:08 UTC  

Its annoying

2017-03-08 21:25:20 UTC  


2017-03-08 21:27:09 UTC  

Now whenever I see that it's 4:20 instead thinking about all the potheads I know I'm going to think about ovens. Thanks fam.

2017-03-08 21:29:00 UTC  

anyone know what the new favicon is? its too small for me to figure out

2017-03-08 21:32:53 UTC  

Well the HWNDU is in Tennessee

2017-03-08 21:33:12 UTC  

a-are you from tennessee?

2017-03-08 21:33:20 UTC  

because.. you're the only..