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Happening :/

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no like this is a real fucking happening

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@TheDriver if Benghazi wasn't a smoking gun then I doubt this will be one.

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This faggot is antifa. Just found him by accident

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in getting page not available

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hmm really?

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His name is [REDACTED] from [REDACTED]

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He made his profile private or something

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i dunno, i don't fagbook

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his name isn't a link

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yea it is

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*shakes head*

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Whatever. I'm done explaining the nuance of this pope to the Alt Right.

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Entire movement of autists devoted to Wyatt level sperg outs

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the key to understanding the story is to realize its not a foreigner observing weird customs of a different group, but rather a bunch of people from the same group all acting just like people of that group always act. 1 of that group just happens to know how to tie a tie

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De Furr:
What pope? Mel Gibson?

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Topkek, eating human brain will give you the equivilant of mad cow disease.

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Hillary probably has it

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kuru explains a lot of her symptoms

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Must be that spirit cooking shit

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They're flying the white flag at HWNDU? Haha what a bunch of fags.

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>Natt talking to his GF on his radioshow

maybe I should start sieging some heils tbh
apparently it works for Natt, weev, Florian, and Mike

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I've spoken to Natt's GF once when he called me. She told me he was eating cheetos off the floor.

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Yes bleez nao!

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Of course I'm moving back to red in that case