Message from Mushroom 🚗ドăƒȘフト🚓🚓🚓 in Vibrant Diversity #general

We just have /bestediting/

2017-03-09 19:05:49 UTC  

if im on it

2017-03-09 19:05:51 UTC  

its the best

2017-03-09 19:06:00 UTC  

the weeks where im absent... well... no podcast is perfect

2017-03-09 19:10:46 UTC

2017-03-09 19:11:19 UTC  

>screencapping higher up discord

2017-03-09 19:11:20 UTC  


2017-03-09 19:11:38 UTC  

i dont think thats higher up discord

2017-03-09 19:12:16 UTC  

This was on General a couple weeks back

2017-03-09 19:12:19 UTC  


2017-03-09 19:12:22 UTC  

i member

2017-03-09 19:12:24 UTC  

it was hype

2017-03-09 19:12:37 UTC  


2017-03-09 19:12:40 UTC  

I wonder what changed

2017-03-09 19:12:43 UTC  

why are they coming back

2017-03-09 19:12:45 UTC  

I just felt so special that he talked to me amongst the spergs

2017-03-09 19:15:20 UTC  

who here /workingonabigprojectforyou/

I have an EMT test in a hour

Studying while at my job

2017-03-09 19:19:27 UTC  

do you enjoy kissing sleeping black people

Boss gave me permission for it too!

2017-03-09 19:19:29 UTC  

you must

2017-03-09 19:19:31 UTC  

if you're an EMT

2017-03-09 19:20:01 UTC  

gonna have to lift a bit to be able to that

2017-03-09 19:20:01 UTC  

Futurology is so pozzed up

Mouth to mouth is prohibited btw

2017-03-09 19:20:04 UTC  

Could have been cool

2017-03-09 19:20:08 UTC  

and if you do that, you might accidentally bend your iron cross

2017-03-09 19:20:16 UTC  

Whoever this black bitch is that asks questions during Spicy Spicer hours pisses me the FUCK off

2017-03-09 19:20:20 UTC  

or maybe even exert so hard your fedora falls off

2017-03-09 19:20:22 UTC  

no more nogs in press core plz

My cross is strong and true!

2017-03-09 19:20:28 UTC  

@Pathos - NY that's why I was trying to write a futurology monograph

2017-03-09 19:20:28 UTC  

and what if the guy twitches and he grabs your cape and you fall over

2017-03-09 19:20:38 UTC  

Le immortal Jew kurzweil ;^}

2017-03-09 19:20:43 UTC  

@Eli Mosley yeah she has such a nigged accent

Then I throw him under the ambulance

2017-03-09 19:20:53 UTC  

She makes me so god damn mad

2017-03-09 19:21:00 UTC  

Im just watching it now