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He prefers the shekels

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well damn. @Eli Mosley confirmed prophet

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@Eli Mosley I didnt know he knew about the holocaust

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What do you know about me mosley?

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Five months ago I was telling you guys this and you said it was bullshit lol

2017-03-12 02:37:52 UTC  

@Eli Mosley I DID NOT

2017-03-12 02:38:01 UTC  

Well in general people did.

2017-03-12 02:38:32 UTC  

He is the one who gave me books on the holomodor in like 2013 I think it was

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To be fair, we didn't know a lot of things about right wing nationanalist movements and their leaders 5 months ago @Eli Mosley

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Gavin is still a faggot though. I hope he gets fired from rebel and that we still don't accept him so he has no money and his wife divorces him.

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hahahahahahaa absolutely

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Fuckin dox me to gay Jews....

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eli do a roundtable discord with you william and you know who right now.

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Hahahaha @Convo

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Richard Spencer unable to find a tradwyfe.jpg

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you know who?

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Guys I have Eli's secret dox info on who he is and how he's able to get in contact with so many conservative leaders.

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Please do not share Eli's dox

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Whatever jobs these wealth-crazed control freaks couldn’t pack into wooden crates and send overseas, they are more than happy to undercut wages here by importing “migrants” both legal and illegal who have nothing in common with you culturally and are trained to deride you as an evolutionary throwback if you dare to complain that the elites are laughing in your face as they pull the rug out from under you.

Globalism replaces First World workers with Third World workers and calls them “racists”—the modern equivalent of “niggers”—if they dare to make a peep about it. While it may be a boon for transnational financiers and manual laborers in Malaysia, for workers throughout the West, globalism has been a trapdoor through which they are likely to hang swinging at any moment. For the Western working class, globalism has meant retreat and defeat and dislocation.

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good poast

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@Adolf Joe Biden Come in Blather ☺️

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@SLUG2_ maybe if YOU didnt exist he would be

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🇨🇦 🐌 🔫 🇵🇱

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@D'Marcus Liebowitz ♥ 🇵🇱

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This will help you understand what's going on in Turkey

2017-03-12 02:50:27 UTC  

I did research and that's pretty accurate description

2017-03-12 02:53:45 UTC