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2017-03-12 21:10:51 UTC  

Please....keep resisting.

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chong dont you wish you were white

2017-03-12 22:05:52 UTC  

I have people who can vouch for me but I have no idea how to register for the TRS forums, can anyone help?

2017-03-12 22:08:10 UTC  

nice try chaim

2017-03-12 22:12:48 UTC  

@☇Unlimited Power☇ you forgot the bosnians, armenians and gypsies

2017-03-12 22:21:43 UTC  

Gypsies are the Jews of white people.

2017-03-12 22:22:20 UTC  

Armenia isn't in Europe.

2017-03-12 22:22:48 UTC  

Bosnians like Albanians is a complicated matter due to the Islam question.

2017-03-12 22:26:51 UTC  

Also racially what are the difference between Bosnians, Serbs, and Albanians?

2017-03-12 22:35:26 UTC  

Almost no racial difference, there's a slight admixture differential from the paleolithic migrations

2017-03-12 22:35:44 UTC  

Also Gypsies are from india

2017-03-12 22:35:58 UTC  

ie: Street shitters

2017-03-12 22:38:55 UTC  

>TFW you will never be paid a decent salary to bash niggers into the asphalt with a giant flashlight.

gay toronto

2017-03-12 23:02:43 UTC  

Can't wait to become a cop

2017-03-12 23:03:20 UTC  

The people that wear masks and hide behind nonviolent protestors are accusing others of cowardice, lol

2017-03-12 23:17:52 UTC  

lol Gavin on damage control

2017-03-12 23:31:23 UTC  
2017-03-12 23:31:23 UTC

2017-03-12 23:37:04 UTC  

Ezra fucking screaming at him the entire plane ride.

2017-03-12 23:37:27 UTC  

My favorite part is when he denies it was the government that paid for it

2017-03-12 23:37:48 UTC  

Despite saying that in the video

2017-03-12 23:53:57 UTC  

@everyone aight niggaz git up n dis herr voice chat

2017-03-12 23:58:23 UTC  

Lol I'm voice chat in in the car parents got back lololol

2017-03-12 23:58:52 UTC  

Vacation discording

2017-03-12 23:59:25 UTC  

Gavin cucked so hard

2017-03-12 23:59:43 UTC  

Legendary cucking

2017-03-13 00:05:05 UTC  

Of coursh

2017-03-13 00:05:39 UTC  

@Convo is that in the Infowars studio?

2017-03-13 00:18:13 UTC