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I think second gen

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Hitler was an amalgamation of many German prophets.

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I was told in school that the reason Hitler invaded Poland was to conquer the world and go on a Jew killing rampage.

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like how ragnar lothbrok prolly didnt exist

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Hitler and Slash are not real people!

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@Hard Truth Hitler was sent by Christ himself for revenge.

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hitler just is someone germans give a bunch of credit and stories to

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The holocaust happened. Imo Jews were gassed. Not in the numbers claimed. If Jews hold on to the 2000 people a chamber the math falls apart. But if you drop it to 1-500. It works

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Jews exaggerate. And I think this is where most holocaust denial stems from

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How many Jews could Batman gas?

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I remember a few years ago when they put sprinklers to cool people at auschwitz for the tours

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but that's important @wyatt

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The reality is they deserved it

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and people tripped the fuck out

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that was fucking hilarious

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And we should gas them again

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because their entire angle is that it's a horror like the world has never seen

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and that's simply not true

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anyone remember that shit?

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oh i see what you did

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Gassing was never an efficient way to kill anybody. WE need a better way. Ideas people! Be Creative!

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we make jew leather

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@YUGE Never Forget Muh 6 gorillion

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Sandniggers flew planes and did terrorist shit

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If you are killing 100-500 Jews a day. The nigger rigged gas chamber design of auswitz works. If you raise that body count to like.... 2000 people per chamber..... The math of the labor and time to get rid of the bodies falls apart

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9/11 truther shit is beyond retarded.

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It was mosad

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It just fell down

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Duuuuude! Tower 7 and sheet!