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The forgotten state

2017-03-14 05:14:48 UTC  

Fuck Gavin and his Squaw

2017-03-14 05:15:24 UTC  

i called it

2017-03-14 05:15:29 UTC  

i knew gavin was not based

2017-03-14 05:15:29 UTC  

Gavin is about a second from having a cock in his mouth

2017-03-14 05:15:33 UTC  

you cannot trust him

2017-03-14 05:15:58 UTC  

It's too late for him now. He's eventually going to get pushed out of Rebel Media, and I swear to fuck I will disavow any mother fucker who so much as invites him onto a podcast

2017-03-14 05:16:07 UTC  

Gavin might as well be strung up with the rest of the kikes

2017-03-14 05:16:28 UTC  

let that be a lesson, #NEVERCUCK

2017-03-14 05:16:40 UTC  

He's going to end up homeless and hunted by antifa and pavement apes (hopefully)

2017-03-14 05:16:47 UTC  

even if you cuck, the left will not forgive you, and we will not help you

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North American Pavement Apes.

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I could walk up on him getting beat to death by a bunch of niggers and I would just giggle and keep walking

2017-03-14 05:18:19 UTC  

Gavin partakes in threesums with Milo and Rabi Shapiro

2017-03-14 05:18:25 UTC  

Sodimites burn in hell

2017-03-14 05:19:16 UTC  

My EDC pistol would stay tucked securely in its IWB holster. If anything, I would whip out my iphone and take a snap video which I would caption "Gavin BTFO"

2017-03-14 05:19:42 UTC  

Anyone wanna contribute to my gofundme? Its for a moblie gas chamber

2017-03-14 05:20:01 UTC  

Figured I could strap it to an eighteen wheeler

2017-03-14 05:20:06 UTC  

My brothers got a CDL

2017-03-14 05:20:11 UTC  

Niggas better be d'natin' to Salting the Earth so I can be a professional racist

2017-03-14 05:20:51 UTC  

yall niggas accept ebt

2017-03-14 05:21:30 UTC  

nigga I would if I could

2017-03-14 05:21:56 UTC  

I accept empty KFC buckets

2017-03-14 05:22:16 UTC  

I only accept full KFC buckets

2017-03-14 05:22:26 UTC  

yalls can get kfc with foodstamps

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Iz got two hands

2017-03-14 05:22:48 UTC  

for taken

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Wish I could read that

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>growing up in kike invested town next to new brunswick

2017-03-14 05:33:23 UTC